Supertype Game Walkthrough

#12 in Word

      Supertype is a striking word game, that’s not exactly just about words, developed by Philipp Stollenmayer. In today’s virtual stores there are hundreds, not to say thousands, of words games that are entirely linked with finding, interlocking, guessing, and rhyming words. Instead Supertype is a totally new twist to this genre. Here you have to visualize how does a ‘p’ letter fall, how much does an ‘r’ weighs or how does the dot over an ‘i’ sounds. Supertype is a different kind of word game, because it couldn’t possibly care less about words themselves, just the letters we string together to make them. This is the game that will make you look at letters like never before. You’ll have to absorb the letters vigilantly and creatively. Look carefully the shape of letters and try flipping them around, you’ll notice that ‘p’ will become a ‘q’ and that’s where the real fun of the gameplay begins.

     Supertype is something quite different and much more unique. There are over 130 levels featured where the aim of the game is to hit the shown markers using letters that might be already typed out or you’ll need to type them out yourself. The letters fall from the top of the screen and land on increasingly messy platforms. After completing one challenge, a swipe to the right will get you at another puzzle, and other further puzzles after that. The rules of the game allow players to type whatever combination of letters they want in order to catch the indicated areas. In the laters levels, letter will already be submitted and the players will need to draw lines using their finger to reach the corresponding point.  

     Supertype is extremely well thought out and unique. Besides letters, punctuation elements, parentheses there are sometimes certain “keywords” that only them can solve the riddles. We have solved all levels of this great game. If you get stuck in the game watch the following video walkthrough with the solutions of all levels:

To download the game ($1.99) click upon the icon of your device: