Tenkyu Walkthrough

#9 in Arcade

     Tenkyu is a nicely created arcade game developed by the frequentative Voodoo. The game puts you to roll the ball through a 3D world in order to reach each stages’ goal. You swipe your finger to tilt and rotate the stage, and then the effects of simulated gravity will weigh down on the ball, making it roll. Being a ball roll game you should tap quickly and tilt the screen of your device to make the ball roll accordingly. However you must be careful while tilting as the game will be over if the ball falls off the edge.

     Speed is an elemental factor when rolling the ball in Tenkyu. Your burst caused by the weight will factor the ball’s speed. You can as well roll back on slopes, and run up on flat surfaces to build up speed needed to overcome given obstacles such as stairs, jumps etc. Make sure to master the ball’s momentum and you’ll do just fine. Sometimes being slow and steady will be necessary and sometimes totally the opposite of it. Maneuver carefully through the stages or you’ll suffer a lot. You’ll encounter often boundaries keeping you on the tracks and you’ll have to take things slow and easy in order to progress meanwhile. If you’re running rashly through stages, you might outrun and overshoot things and end up off the stage. The worst scenario of Tenkyu though is when you have no walls around to help. It can either happen when you’re on a bridge or balancing between two ends.

If you get stuck in the game watch the following video walkthrough and gameplay for the game:

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