The 100 Room 5 Walkthrough

The 100 Room 5

       100 Rooms is an exciting puzzle game where you must solve each room’s riddles to advance to the next one. You’ll be able to tap your way through all the spots of the room while searching for any hidden objects. After finding all the necessary items, you’ll have to combine them in order that your escape will be open for the next room. The escape game presents a very simple challenge and yet very difficult to be maintained. Basically you must uncover the hidden objects, combine them properly and solve the riddle of each room and keep going. This is a lot of fun and an undoubted way to challenge your brain power and determination.

       In 100 Rooms the clues are common and interesting, while each new level escape gets a bit more complicated than the previous one. If you get stuck, there’s always a way to get out so you’d better be patient and calm. During the plays, you earn coins, which can be later spent on hints. Each room has at least one hint that can be bought with the coins that you have.

       The gaming aspect is fun, interesting and will never get repeatable. The escape from all the 50 available rooms will be exciting and adventurous. Check out our below walkthrough for the game.

Level 1:



Tap on the left corner where the colored waste bin is located. Collect the white rounded item there. Tap upon the wooden locked box and match the colors according to the colorful bin basket to open it. Get the key as soon as the box is unlocked. Use the key you just found to open the closet on bottom right. Collect the newspaper from there and then tap on the left top closet, next to the fridge. Adjust the white orbs as the picture below suggests and open it.         Get the second white rounded item in there and then tap on the other closet on the top right where you’ll have to reveal this puzzle. You’re gonna make it open through counting the given figures over the 3 cups on the counter. Open the closet and collect the third white rounded item in here as well. 

Now, click on the maze located at the far left door and insert the three white missing stamps at it. The puzzle will need 3 tips to be solved in this final form and won’t be difficult by any chance. 

After this the door will open and you’ll be able to pass through at the next room.

Level 2:

      Firstly, raise the fallen chair from the ground and then turn on the light. Now, open the drawer from the closet on the left and get the screwdriver as well as the small saw from it. Then tap upon the coffee machine on the right table and get the small drawn note. Add the small note to the table on the left wall and adjust the image so it fits, according to the image below shown:

       The picture will show a finger which is pointed to the bottom socket. Use the screwdriver to open this power socket and get the key found there as well as the knife located on the right of the table. Add its missing saw to the knife you just collected. Use the knife to cut a small piece of the coffee machine’s cord. Now, open the closet above the coffee machine using the screwdriver and the key you have. Get the tape and the lamp from the closet and then click on the left wall of the room. Insert the lamp to the indicated space and then tidy up its cord with the tape and the cut cord you have. Plug the cord into the power socket and regard the clock numbers displayed. Go to the clock on the wall in front and adjust the wall clock according the revealed time indications. The clock holding a key inside will open while you must get it to open the next door.

Level 3:

      Tap upon the clothes rack on the left and further click on the shoes section to get the blue colored small button behind the white trainers.Tap again on the laundry bag and get a second colored yellow small button. Tap upon the white small sitting furniture in the middle of the room and get a third colored button. Now tap on the right side, where two wooden boxes are spotted. 

Solve the puzzle as the image below shows to make the box open and then collect a fourth colored button. After tapping upon the in-wall remote panel behind the two boxes press the numbers according to the below image. When the small safe gets open take the tiny cord. Now, click on the picture on the top right of the room and add the four buttons into it. Adjust the puzzle according to the image below and you’ll get the access card needed to open the next door. But before, you must replace the cut cord with a new one to make the exit function properly.

Level 4:

       Click upon the wheel on the centered bottom left to collect the wheel along with the shiny rock on its upper left. Tap the large vases on the ground and smash the biggest one with the stone you have to collect the broken bottle inside of it. Now, tap upon the box located right in the middle of the room and cut its ropes with the broken bottle. Get the axe from the box and use it to open up the barrel on the left.Get the unlocking device in here and then get the other unlocking device by moving the cart. 

Click on the wheeling mechanism shown below and add the wheel to it which you’ll use to move back the cart. Tap on the red blanket and then use the axe to rip the flour. Open the revealed box and insert the two missing unlocking wheels inside the remote in there. Solve the puzzle as below showed and then get the grippers from the just unlocked box. 

Use the grippers to open the railings on the top right of the room. Add rocks to the cart and then make it move through the movement wheel on its right. The cart will open the next exit through smashing it.

Level 5:

       Tap the bathtub on the left. After emptying it from the water get the key you’ll find. Use the key to open the closet under the mirror in the middle. 

Get the knife and the sink tap which are there. Add the tap to the sink above and wait to be filled with water. The steam will reveal certain symbols drawn in the mirror. Click upon the towels in the bottom right side and cut through the sewing using the knife you have. Collect the star-shaped totem from and then add the star to the closet on the left. As the closet opens you’ll be able to spot several colored differently-shaped blocks. Solve the puzzle as below explained to open the next drawer and get the key from it. 

Now click upon the other puzzle-closed drawer and adjust the symbols as below shown to unlock it easily. Get the rope you’ll find there and then click upon the rug in the middle. Use the key you have to open the entrance and then get down by connecting the rope with the furniture’s leg.

Level 6:

       Collect the fuel bottle located on the bottom left and the hammer along with the wall cleaner on the top right shelves. Use the cleaner to reveal these signs on the wall:

       Click on the hop in the middle and get the lever you’ll spot there. Click upon the left large tank and use the hammer to open its slot. Get the big lever located in there, which you’ll promptly use to break the left locked lid. Add its missing crank on the mechanism. When the other automated lid slot opens, adjust the symbols as below shown to open this one too:

       Get the matches and the other screwed hardware. After click on the left tank and throw wood inside of it. Add fuel and light it up using the matches. Where you’ll spot the small leak through the tubes, add the screw on. Roll the wheel on the right and a box holding a letter will come out. Collect the letter and tap on the right panel of the door on the right of the room. Push the numbers as below shown and the exit will be available.

Level 7:


Click on the right grass mill to get the axe.Click upon the carriage located on the left and get both items there. Tap on the upper left closet and unlock it using the axe. Get the motion lever, which you’ll immediately use to solve the disoriented puzzle image. This will equip you with a wrapped papyrus. Now click on the cabinet in the middle and add the two items to the mechanism inside, in order to sharp up the object that cuts. Use the just sharped object to untie the ladders on the left from the ropes. Use the ladders to climb up. Solve the puzzle as below explained to open the box. You’ll find the key which you’ll have to use to open the next entrance in the bottom middle. Open the hatch and take the ladders in order to use them to climb further down. 

Level 8:

      Tap on the fountain and collect the screw. Tap on the left statue and collect one of the two pieces of the scissors from the ground. Tap upon the wooden horse on the right and collect the other scissors piece. Tap upon the box on the left and adjust the symbols as the horse indicates:

Collect the screwdriver located there and use it to fix the scissors as one. Use the scissors to clean the wall on the right from the flowers where you’ll get a trail-net and reveal the stone which can be moved through the screwdriver that you have. Collect the totem there and then go once again in the fountain. Use the net to get the small blue object from within the water. Go to the left statue where nearby is located the below shown locking and put the totem you found behind the moving stone on it. Go to the right side near the coffee table where the clock will give you the hint to open up the locked slot. Collect the leaf-shaped item and use it to open the main door and get outside.

Level 9:

       Tap upon the bowling pins at the bottom right and get the item with the three visible characters. Tap on the left top shelf and get a second similar item. Tap upon the right top shelves and get the red bowling ball. Tap on the bottom left shelf and collect the blue bowling ball along with the lever located there. Get the red curtain from the ground and put it at the only window in the front. The window will reveal a certain row according to which you’ll need to adjust the  bowling balls on the left shelves. After successfully adjust the balls accordingly, a small closet will open holding a letter with a valuable clue on it. Tap on the second left shelf and its missing characters to the box. Adjust the character as below shown and then tap on the right exit door. 

Put the lock on the door and solve the puzzle as below suggested, by putting the number 184.This will take you to the next level. 

Level 10:

      Tap on the left bottom suitcase on the starting screen. Move the suitcase a bit and you’ll be able to get the screwdriver from the ground. Tap upon the box on the table and adjust the levels according to the flower vases at the top of the left furniture.

      Collect the batteries and then the calculator form the fourth shelf on the right. Insert the batteries into the calculator and memorize the shown number. Now get the letter nearby the chair on the ground. The letter will give you a valuable hint:

Tap on the second shelf on the right, upon the below shown box.

The box will open by using the hints you have. The image shown below shows how you’re supposed to solve the puzzle of this box:

As the box opens collect the stamp and then tap over the front main door. Add the item (with the red dragon) you found onto the game board at the door and solve the given puzzle. 

The door will open right after this.

Level 11:

        Collect the fire extinguisher in the middle of the room.Tap on the aspiration tube grill that’s releasing smoke above. Use the fire extinguisher to wipe off the smoke and then get the grillers from it. Tap on the barbed wire at the bottom left of the room and use the grillers to cut a small portion of the wire which you’ll be needing later. Tap upon the second chair on the right where you’ll have to use the just cutted wires in order to get the key inside the small grill at the back of the chair. Tap upon the medication box at the left of the door and use the key you found to open it. Get the tape from there and then tap again at the above aspiration tube grill (which had once smoke). Use the tape to weld the two cut wires together.

Click on the below box and push the levers down as shown on the image.Tap on the first computer monitor on the left and adjust the symbols as below shown to make the door in the center open.

Level 12:

      Tap on the cabinet on the right and collect the wheel. Tap upon the towels right next to the door in the middle and collect the second towel. Now, click the first sink (on the left) and tap its pipeline at the bottom.Add the wheel to the crank and then open the water tap and wait until it fills. Put the towel inside the water and then clean the mirror in front with it.

The shown colored symbols will be needed to open the first drawer of the furniture where you found the wheel. Put the colors according the colored circles in the mirror and the drawer will open. Collect the mobile phone from the drawer and then put it in charge in the socket on the left of the sink. As it lights the phone will display a pattern.

Now, click upon the paper straps and get the letter on the left. Tap upon the clock above the door and adjust the hours and minutes according the situated paper straps.

The clock will open and you’ll get the crown that the clock keeps inside. Now click over the below shown locked box and solve the code according the hints that you already have:

Insert the crown into its missing spot and adjust the puzzle as below displayed to make it open.

Take the key and open the door to continue to the next room.

Level 13:

        Collect the first object on the counter on the left as well as the second one on the counter on the right. Put the objects into the first cabinet on the left (where other similar are standing) and arrange the objects as below shown. 

Collect the red item after as the drawers opens itself. Put the red object on the counter in the middle and play the game until it opens its secret down pocket:

Get the torch and put it to the miniature model of the Statue of Liberty. Tap on the stone book that the statue holds and look the symbols over it. Take a look over all the shelves and then tap upon the box in the middle counter.

Add the numbers to the box, as the below picture explains and collect the sunny-shaped key which you’ll be using to open the main door and advance through.

Level 14:

               Tap upon the counter on the left and collect the matches situated over there. Light the candle shown on the left and then collect it in your equipment. Click upon the bread located in front and get the cheese from the table. Then tap over the fireplace on the far right and put the candle inside of it. The light will reveal the separated chair leg which you’ll need to collect.

Now tap on the far right part of the counter on the right where you’ll spot these small designed coffee pots.

Now click here:

Add its leg to the chair and then check the closet above of it.

Adjust the pots according the earlier displayed row and a pocket with an item will be opened from above. Get the item and proceed. Click on the first object on the left and then throw the cheese to the mouse to make it move a bit. Get the lock from its nest and then click on the below showed drawer.

Insert the lock to the drawer to make it open. Collect within the blue patterned card along with the knife. Cut some bread using the knife you just found and collect the second revealed item from inside the bread. Click on the left above blue frame and add the blue patterned card into it. Adjust the puzzle as below shown and after it gets opened collect the third item.

Tap the door and add the three items into it. Regulate the items according the demanded placement and the door will open.

Level 15:

     Get the jar you’ll spot on the ground. Click on the box next to the skeleton on the left and then collect the hammer close to the box which you can’t still open. Tap on the left column and collect the spike located over there.    

Tap the tile that’s a bit higher than the other, located on the middle right of the room.

Put the jar over so it compacts it.  Tap the new revealed board at the top of the ladders.  Solve the mahjong-like puzzle. Another jar will drop and you’ll have to use the spike and the hammer to smash it and collect the item which it carries.  Take the item and tap upon the box which you couldn’t open earlier when you arrived. Insert the artifact into the box in order to open it. Get the item inside the box and then click on the skeleton on the left. Collect a bone from it along with the letter on its left. Use the bone to roll the crank of the pocket on the right of the skeleton and make it open. Collect the second needed item and then put the both similar items that you have into the column in the middle of the room.  

Get the two objects from within the opened pocket and then tap upon the main door on the right. Add the missing symbols to the door aperture and then press the symbols according the letter you’ve found.

The door will open right after this.

Level 16:

      Tap upon the orange couch on the right and collect the item rather than the cubes. Tap the mid-table and collect the blue napkin. Tap on the first picture frame on the left and use the napkin to clean it.

Now, tap the only frame on wall in the middle and make it move. Behind the frame will be revealed a safe with a four-digit lock code. Insert the given numbers and make it open.

Collect the item inside and then tap the box over the piano on the left. Insert the letters as the previous hint showed us and open the box to collect the key that has inside. Use the key to open the other box over the mid-table. Collect the piano key inside the box and then tap on the piano. Insert the missing key to the piano and play the notes according the hint. 

Get the object and then tap the chest in front of the orange couch on the right. Put the just revealed object into the chest and open it to collect the trophy inside. Put the trophy into the trophy cabinet above the orange couch and adjust the trophies according below shown:

Get the Teddy Bear’s head and unite it along with the other objects that you have, which happen to be the teddy bear’s arm and leg. As the teddy bear is outright complete the little girl will give you a key with which you’ll open the main door.

Level 17:

     Get the hammer on the bottom left ground. Collect the wooden spoon left to the barrel along with the bucket. Tap on the blue chest on the bottom right and collect the shovel. Then, use the hammer to open the blue chest. Collect coal by putting it inside the bucket with the shovel. Collect also the pot and the matches from the middle ground and then tap on the oven at the left. Collect the two wooden objects on the left and on the right of the oven. Throw the coal below the fire pit.

Before lighting up the oven, tap on the desk and insert the wood stick inside the pressing machinery on the left. 

Get the gold stone from within the machinery. Get back to the oven and put the gold stone into the pot and light up the coal using the matches. Use the blowing device to rush the fire. 

Take the pot using the wooden spoon and then throw the liquid over the symbol at the desk.

Click on the below shown tank and take some water using the wooden spoon that you have.

Pour the water into the golden symbol and take it with you. Add the symbol to the main door’s board and then arrange the symbols according the image below.

This when the next door will open.

Level 18:

       Tap on the main door and collect both object on its right. Tap on the small briefcase on the left and collect the wheel.

       Click the table on the upper left of the main door and put the missing cross to the small metallic box. Get the key from it along with the letter on its right.

       Tap upon the large metallic object on the right and then put the missing button to its place. Adjust the symbols according to the image below and another entry will be revealed.

        Click the car on the right and insert the steering wheel on it. It will reveal a secret pocket with two objects to get collected. Tap the below shown slot game and add its missing particle on the left so it will reveal another valuable item which you’ll collect. Tap after two slot machines (The one which writes Good Luck above) and put coins inside to start the game. 

Get the teddy bear by using the slot game’s controls and then head back to the initial room.

         Insert the teddy bear into the wooden box on the bottom right of the front door to make it open. Collect the British flagged box from within. Open the box to find three little soldier toys. Get back to the other entrance and tap over the game in the middle.

         Add the three missing toys to their field to reveal another hidden pocket. Collect the dollar bill along with the other rounded colored item and then get back to the initial room once again.

         Tap the briefcase on the left and put the dollar bill inside to make it open. Take the item inside and go again to the room with the slot games. Tap upon the basket game and use your items firstly to open it and then to blow the balls. Start making throws with the basketballs. You’ll need five points in order that the hidden pocket will be revealed. Collect the third circle item and then head to the main door. After putting the three items inside the hatch of the door, the door will be open.

Level 19:

       Tap on the books on the bottom left. Collect the letter containing the character ‘V’. Tap the skull hanging on the left wall and get the second letter containing “IX”. Tap the below shown part of the wall and add the missing characters into the game. Play the puzzle game until the characters are aligned as below displayed.

As soon as you’ve finished successfully, a hidden slot will open carrying a brush which you’ll have to collect. Now, tap the wall on the right (as below shown) and apply the brush to the wall. There will be revealed this drawing:

Tap again on this part of the wall to reveal yet another drawing:

Click on the chest on the middle and arrange the numbers as explained below:

As the chest opens take the sword there out. Put the sword upon the skeleton on the left wall and it will release you the keys that is holding. Now, tap on the second column on the left and apply the brush into the wall. There will be revealed another painting:

Click upon the first column on the left where another painting is displayed. Tap the object at the end where another locked box is located.

Put the key you have to open it. Arrange the code according the image below to open the second box as well. This will make the main door open and you’ll may proceed to the next room.

Level 20:

        First, tap the green car in the middle of the room.

Take the scissors nearby and use them to open the wrapped box on the far bottom right. Get the doll inside and then tap on the top left of the cabinet on the left of the bed. Put the doll to its holder in the first shelf and collect the small particular stone that is holding.

Press the furniture on the left (highlighted below) and put the stone to its maze puzzle game.

Arrange the stone as the image below suggest to make the chest open. Collect the star from it and then tap over the window at the left end of the room. Insert the star into its place at the cage and get the carrot inside.

Tap the american-flagged hat over the bed and while the rabbit stands up throw him the carrot and take the blue chalk that he’s holding. Apply the chalk to the small blackboard above the bed and solve the multiplication (3×2꞊6). Get the hammer as the blackboard reveals its hidden slot. Tap the desk on the left and smash the savings pig to collect the key that’s holding. Use the key to open the locked box over the bed and get the hint paper inside of it. Tap back the desk and then click upon the locked drawer with the chess symbols over it.

Adjust the symbols according the image below to open the drawer.

Get the coin from the drawer and then tap on the main door on the right. Insert the missing coin into the puzzle and place the coins as below shown. The door will be open right after. 

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