The Hunt for the Lost Treasure Full Game Walkthrough

Puzzle Adventure

         The Hunt for the Lost Treasure is a fabulous puzzle-based mystery game developed by Syntaxity Inc. The adventure puts in the center your uncle, who has been hunting lost treasures for all his life. His adventurous stories have always excited your imagination as you were a child growing up. Now that you have acquired archeology skills he has been reaching you asking for your help in finding some of the most difficult treasures to find. The Hunt for the Lost Treasure story is a sequel of ‘The Lost Ship’, where you previously found the map that tracked down the location of the pirate’s cove. In your uncle’s latest quest he has been using that map to discover the location of the lost treasure. Now he’s asking for your help! Get ready to explore the island, find clues and solve puzzles left by the pirates.

       This captivating adventure game features beautifully designed HD graphics, nicely composed soundtracks and sound effects, dozens of puzzles, mysterious clues and spread everywhere items. The Hunt for the Lost Treasure is more than just a puzzle game and you’ll be able to figure this out within just the first interaction inside the game. The gaming experience is intensified by a dynamic map with plenty of unthinkable revealing locations. Explore and decypher the pirate’s cove, the ancient temple and many more to discover all the needed clues and puzzles along the way.

      The in-app purchases involve some seriously demanding shopping, as for $0.99 you can unlock game hints and even more importantly for another $0.99 you can unlock the fast travel option, which is considered a pretty great relief in the end.

You can rely on the following video walkthrough for the whole game below:

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