Through Abandoned Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 3: The Refuge

Welcome to ‘The Refuge‘, the third chapter of the fantastic escape game Through Abandoned. This is the walkthrough of this chapter. Enjoy the game !

As you start you will see yourself standing in front of a circular hermetic door. Swipe once left and get the lever at the bottom of the ruined materials on the left. Swipe twice right and use the lever to open the pipeline entrance headed downwards.  Enter into the pipelines until you find the generator, which you’ll have to collect, then continue up from where you found the generator. Collect the dashboard from the left door panel and then get back in the initial room. You’ll receive a letter stating:

“It’s Alexandra. I hope you will receive this message. I connected to these neurointerfaces and realized that they work only for reading on your side. You can see my messages but can’t send me yours. Please help me! I stuck in the western part of the refuge. Firstly, you have to find the way out of the first floor. Try to use the elevator. Alex.”

Now once swipe left and attach the dashboard to the door panel. Press the symbols as below suggested and the elevator door will open. As you enter the elevator you’ll have to press the following button to get out at the new area.





Continue down through the ladders and once swiping left collect the blue item which you’ll spot it there visibly. Get back up through the ladders and enter the elevator door again. Press the below shown button at the control panel and proceed through the door as it opens.

As soon as you get off, collect the rope on the right. Enter into the elevator and press again the last button on the bottom right.           The door will open and you’ll find yourself into a new surrounding. Go up through the pipeline until you see the computer on the desk. Connect the computer with the generator that you have and then follow the cord which leads to a new door. Enter this door and continue on the left of the screen as you’ll get outdoors. Go to the wind mill on the left and open the door using the blue shell-like item to open it. Get in and continue above through the ladders. At the top you’ll see a frame with a puzzle that needs to be solved. Adjust the puzzle as the image below shows to put the wind mill into operation.      Get back down and then continue to the door you came from. As you enter swipe to the right and continue through the door there. This door will take you to a new screen featuring a city alley. Collect the round object when swiping once left and then enter at the door at the top right, next to the green street sign. After getting in swipe right and continue through the next door in there. You’ll enter apparently to a house interior. Swipe left and collect the green shell-like item from the table. Swipe right and get back to where you came from. Swipe twice left and go back to where the windmill is located. Proceed at the end to where a second windmill is located, next to the first one, and put the just picked green shell item into the panel on the right of the door. Go up through the ladders as the door opens. Adjust the maze-like puzzle at the top in this way to make the second wind mill operate:

Go back form where you entered and swipe right five times until you’ll face the door that looks this way:

Enter here and proceed up though the ladders you’ll spot on the right. Climb two floors until you’ll see the 4 dashboards in the middle. Arrange the first pattern as the following image:

Adjust the second pattern also as the image below suggests and then continue further up:

Get the key from the small cabinet in there and then climb down two floors, where the entrance is located. Walk through the door and swipe three times to the left. Enter this door that will lead you back at the house interior. Go to the second floor of the house by using the stairs on the far left. Use the key you have to open the first door on the right. Collect the purple shell-like object in here and then put the disc into the gramophone to start the music. Go back from where you entered and then proceed at the door on the right leading to the windmills. Go at the third wind mill and use the purple shell-like key to open its door. Climb the ladders and solve the puzzle at the top as the image below shows:

Turn back from where you entered and as soon as you get back in, climb down through the ladders in the pipeline. Enter the elevator door at the bottom and press the below shown button at the panel of the elevator.

As you land continue further down through the ladders and then swipe once right. Press the button next to the train wagon and then continue again upwards. Proceed at the first entrance on the right to find yourself in front of this platform. Adjust the keys as below suggested and then get back down.

Proceed further down from where you’ll land to get to a new screen. Continue swiping on the right until you’ll spot the ladders on the far right. Climb the ladder as far as they allow you until you’ll see another train wagon one level above.Get back from where you came from and climb once again to the platform on the above pipeline entrance. Arrange the platform as the image below shows in order to make the three buttons green hence functional.        Continue on the opposite direction (right) at the bottom pipeline and then continue right to reach the abandoned station on the far right of the train wagon.

Once you have spotted the red stairways proceed down through another pipeline ladders. Collect the cords at the bottom left of the train wagon and then get far back at the pipeline entrance on the left of the command platform. Remove the railings and enter in the elevator entrance here.

Press the following button at the elevator command panel and proceed once you’ve arrived.

Go one level up through the pipeline and then swipe 4 times right and open this door:

Continue up through the ladders and press the hidden button on the bottom left of the apparent chair object.      A mysterious establishment will escalate form the ground and you’ll need to press the tiny button on the bottom right as well. The object will expand to another puzzle maze that must be solved.

Adjust the shapes as the images below shows and then press these objects located at the top corners of each side.

Collect the red shell-key that will appear and then move down one floor lower through the ladders. Enter the door which is there and then swipe four time to the right, to go where the wind mills are located outdoors. Go to the fourth and last wind mill and open the door by using the red shell-key that you just found. Climb the ladders until the top and collect the black ball-like item there.

Adjust the lever according the row of the images below to make the last wind mill operate.

Now, get through the door you entered recently and swipe four times to the right just in front of this door:

You’ll enter a new revealed outdoor environment. Swipe three times right and collect the item on the ground. Swipe once more right and get the other circular item on the ground including also the broken small piece of the door. Swipe far right, and when being in front of the door add the missing door piece to the corner to make the entrance available. As you enter swipe once right and enter the following door. Climb the ladder to the top where the locked patterns are located. Adjust the remaining pattern according to the images below:

Put the lever you recently found inside the fourth pattern and the above cabinet holding the key will open. Climb up and get the key. Now, get back through the only door below and continue scrolling right for four times to enter the house interior again. Go to the far left and climb the stairs to the second floor. Open the first door on the left using the key that you just got. As soon as you enter into this room, collect the second black ball located in here. Now turn back from where you came from.

Continue immediately down through the obvious pipeline entrance and enter into the elevator where you’ll have to press the following shown button in the image:

Once landed swipe to the right and put one of the black balls you have inside the monument in the middle. Go then left and put the other black ball inside of the other monument.

Press the statue on the right until it shows the below given image so it starts moving.

Continue though these secret stairways and collect the strange item from the room on the bottom left. Enter into the elevator and press the last right bottom button on its command panel. Go one floor above through the pipeline ladders and then swipe two times right to go back at the entrance which leads at the house interior. Swipe far left and enter the first door on the left, at the above floor. Put the manuscript inside the device and form the puzzle as the image below shows:

Now, get back down where the piano is located on the far left of the area, next to the stairways. Put the manuscript inside the piano and after the music plays the piano will move discovering another hidden path. Continue through the path and collect the piece of stone on the right of the screen you’ll appear. Get back to the room and continue back from where you came from in the beginning. Swipe once left and enter the door that will lead you at the city alley. Swipe twice left and then pull the screws of the pipeline entrance as the following order:

Swipe twice left and proceed through the exit above. Swipe two more  times left and enter into this entrance. 

You’ll find yourself kinda captured in this apparent labyrinth. Close the first entrance and continue further right until you’ve seen this entrance (with these signs above; as the image below shows).

Enter here and continue as far right as you’ll be allowed. You’ll be asked a couple of questions from the AI personification which you’ll have to answer correctly in order that your access will be granted. 

When landed collect the item behind the girl’s lying body and continue on your right. Use the item you just collected to open the seemingly strange door. Enter here and this chapter will be succeeded. 

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