Through Abandoned – Chapter 1 Walkthrough

        Abandoned is the first part of a big story of a gorgeous puzzle-escape. game As expected the in-game worlds are very strange. You should explore the place and find your brother who dedicated his life in finding out the way to Abandoned, whereas disappeared. Abandoned is a first person survival game where you’ll find yourself stranding on a bizarre nasty place, where you must find the clues leading to your brother’s disappearance.


      The game starts with you receiving a telegram from your brother, which says:

“My dear brother, it seems like the years of search are over and i finally found the doors. Now i’m embarking on the most interesting journey in my whole life. If something happens to me, please come to Tashi Choeta hotel in Lhasa, I’ll leave you a message.”

The last 10 years your brother was possessed by the idea of going to other worlds, in all his archaeological trips, while your family considered him a bit odd, and now, after your return to England you found out that your brother has disappeared. So, you decide to go to Tibet to find out something.

Chapter 1:

      After just arriving at the above mentioned hotel you receive another note from your brother:

Dear brother, this is the key to the door. I plan to go through that door to explore Abandoned about what i told you so many times. I drew the location of that place on the map if you feel courageous enough to follow me.”

             Your journey begins as you find yourself in the specified location that your brother gave you. You only have three frames to swipe through at your initial position. Head left and collect the stone object. Then go and take the stick from the dragon on the right. After attaching the two items together you’ll have a sort of hammer. Head right past the dragon and use the hammer on the gong. Going back to the dragons you’ll now notice an alteration between the dragons, which you have to use to climb by tapping upon. This will take you to a new scenery. Here if you go once left until you’ll find a door which you unlock with the key that your brother has given you. Enter this door. Inside the new place you’ll spot a mine cart in where you’ll find an oil can which you have to collect. Head right three times where you’ll be picking a pickaxe as well as you can fill up the oil can. If you head right further you’ll pick up a note saying:

”If you’re reading this, it means you went through the first door. I’m going deeper into this world that i call the underground city. People left this world. It looks like they suddenly disappeared. If it’s the same in other worlds, it will  explain why we never heard about aliens on earth.”

        Now, you must head back three screens and use the pickaxe to break the wall and go through. Pick up the wheel in there and head back out. Go left and put the wheel on the cart and after you’ve put some oil on it. Head right again and pull the lever. The cart will speed until it will crashes into the wall at the end of the tunnel. Now you’ll be able to continue past the tunnel. Go right until you glance the spotlights without bulbs. If you look under the rectangular stone there’ll be a symbol that has to be pressed. Now, continue on the right until you’ll see a ladder that heads down. Go down through the ladder to get another letter. The letter says:

”The underground people mined a very special ore. That is why they know the secret of antigravity. I’m trying to decrypt their language now and already know the name of this ore – Unobtanium.”

       Now that you have the other letter go back up through the ladder and then continue on the left until you’ll see a wall heading upwards. After you climb you’ll have reached a new platform. Head to the far right on that platform and grab the key that you’ll find there. Now go back left and continue climbing up. Head to the left and pull the lever down, then move to the right and the other lever down. After doing this, head back to the center and tap over the floating cube in order to take the smaller cube from it.

       If you get back inside the mine just now, you’ll spot the hatchway (was there since you first entered actually). Use the key you just recently found to unlock it and then head down. Keep walking on the right until you encounter the exit. Continue on the right till you see an open grate in the floor and head downwards. When you’ll be down here, use the pickaxe towards the wall on the left to create another pathway and then head to the left. Press the symbol on the well and leave this room. Proceed twice down and then head right where you’ll pick up the screwdriver then walk back left until you’ll hit a fork in the road. Cross down and get the lightbulb as well as the brick sculpted with the symbols. If you go back up and left, you’ll be able to use the screwdriver to remove the panel, nevertheless there will be nothing else there yet so just leave for the moment. When going back up you’ll spot 4 upper rounded caps with a red button each. Mind their location as you’ll need to come back here after a while to memorize some needed clues in the form of symbols created by light on the ground.  

       Get back to where you left the mine cart and continue through the ladder. Climb it down as far as you’ll find another ladder through which you’ll climb down to another grate. Use the screwdriver in order to remove the grate and get a shortcut to the same exits. Climb back up where you found the key and place the sculpted brick in the empty slot. Go through the door as it opens. Here you’ll notice a Rubik’s Cube with a mark on it. Head right and take a gear from the wall, where you’ll have to use the screwdriver. Now, remove the sculpted brick from the right wall and seek behind it. There will be a big flower and another symbol which you must press. Walk through the white opening which is revealed when you took the gear. This room will put you in a maze situation. Click upon the red button to switch the colors of the room. When being purple go through the below entrance. Switch the colour here into turquoise and then enter into the right entrance. Switch to yellow and enter above. Switch again to red and enter above likewise. Here switch the colour into orange and continue down. Then yellow and left. Then pink and up. After all the switches made as above the last one need to be put into purple. When you back you’ll be able to pick another light bulb from where the Rubik’s Cube was standing earlier.

     After successfully advancing equipped with the 3 lightbulbs that you’ve found, climb down through the ladder on the right side outdoors then continue further down by climbing the other ladder on the right. Open the railings with the screwdriver and enter into the pipelines. Go to the bottom left and insert the gear you found inside the cross-like iron gate to make it rotate. Get outside this pipeline and climb up one ladder where the other pipeline is located and enter there. Go twice on the left and then enter the above entrance where you’ll spot a some kind of computer and several switches. Adjust the command buttons at the left of the monitor as explained: 1st switch to its initial condition – above all others, 2nd switch exactly in the middle – one unit lower than the first, 3rd switch at the very bottom level, and the 4th same as the second. After adjusting the levels as above mentioned press the main lever at the control panel. Go back at the pipeline and continue further on the left of the pipeline, where at the bottom you’ll find a wrecked train. Open the second railway carriage and get the binoculars you’ll find in there. Press the red button standing in the middle of the train and the trolley. This button will open a small door at the bottom right of this room. You’ll spot a large plant which you’ll be able to see clearer if you light the candles with your lighter. Climb up through the ladders next to the plant and open the iron door in there. You’ll enter a room where a big rock is standing right in the middle. Leave the small cube over there and then go back one room back. Climb the remaining ladders here and press the big switch at the top. Enter into the room where you just left the cube on and take the just generated and last lightbulb you’ll be needing. Go back through the pipeline to where the stones are standing still on air and put a lightbulb to each of the stones. Now go enter into the first room, where the mine cart was once, and enter into the manhole below. Advance through the pipeline to where are located the 4 rounded caps with their switches. Press all the buttons and pin down the 4 symbols displayed on the ground. Go back again through the pipeline and head at the bottom left inside the mine. Climb up the ladder where you’ll find the door that opens only by entering the 4 symbols as they appeared at the downstairs room. The door will open and you’ll be entering in a white splashed environment where you’ll collect another door lock and a letter. Now you’ll unlock another mysterious door and the first chapter will be over after this.

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