Trade Island Walkthrough and Gameplay

     Trade Island is an enchanting simulation game developed by Game Insight. Trade Island offers a realistic economy model combining with a relaxing island background. You become the new mayor on a sunny island and your task is to build a beautiful and lively city while producing goods, and making profitable deals. The game features striking tropical landscapes, exciting objectives, and charming characters for the whole family to love. Though running an island, or whatsoever city, can be challenging while at the meantime can cool you down. The game brings a ‘living game mode’ where you run your town in full functionality. Everything happens in accordance with a realistic economy, runned by uniquely created characters and various forms of transportation. The game invites you to experience something that’s as close as it gets to living and running a real city. That includes meeting and treating different characters who over time will teach you how to fulfill your duties on the city, dealing in the business world as well as implementing new types of transportation. Start your adventure in the shade of elegant palm trees, and build the city of your dreams. The island is full of mysteries that only you can solve. Search for pirate treasure, investigate strange anomalies, or examine the artifacts of long-lost civilizations.

     Start off as the new mayor and make sure people are happy and that the island is flourishing. It’s not an easy task at all, but our following video walkthrough will instruct you with the proper efforts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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