Trick Shot Game Walkthrough

#149 in Puzzle

Trick Shot Game Walkthrough

Trick Shot is an outstanding puzzle game with unique and wonderful visuals. Everything is very minimalist with this game. When you drag your finger in the highlighted area, a ball with a line through it appears. After you let go the ball is fired, hopefully into the box. The line that appears through the ball represents the angle and power of your shot, and a ghost of your last attempt always remains to help dial in your next one. That’s pretty much the whole purpose of the game. You fire your ball into the box. If you fail, you can try again. If you succeed, you move on to the next box. There will surely be obstacles that get increasingly more difficult, like wooden planks, fans and teleporters. But in general you’re just tending to get the ball into the box.

    Trick Shot is one of the best physics-based puzzle games you’ll ever play. The levels are generally quick to get through, so if you’re not that bothered about finding all of the different ways to complete them you may lose interest quickly. Sometimes the solutions are logical, but sometimes they aren’t logical at all. As a puzzler, the controls can also be a little bit over-sensitive. You have an unlimited number of attempts and various ball types to try with. Trick Shot is an Angry Birds-like launching, Bouncing Ball-like physics and Basketball-like finishing which derive into a kind form of electronic golfing. A simple decent game experience that can easily overcome all your expectations.

   Trick Shot – Simply get the ball in the box. How hard can it be?

If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walkthrough for the 100 first levels of the game: