Ultra Sharp Game Walkthrough

   Ultra Sharp Game Walkthrough

Ultra Sharp is a game all about cutting. The player has to cut away objects by swiping on the screen and complete a variety of objectives. Every level in Ultra Sharp presents some pretty exciting geometric shapes set against a white background with a star or multiple stars hanging out between. The goal is to manipulate the scene in order to pick up the displayed stars accordingly by applying simple physics and move to the next level. The player can interact with anything in Ultra Sharp by making linear cuts across objects. You can cut things in any way, as long as your incision splits an object from end to end. Using this mechanics, you’ll achieve quite a lot things in this game. Each level has a different type of object to cut as the player has to identify and apply a precise cut to make the cut piece touch the star and finish the perspective level.

    At the beginning things start pretty simple. Most of the early levels of the game involve just cutting away an object to make a piece of it fall to hit a star below. Things don’t stay simple for very long though, and that’s what makes Ultra Sharp more than just a casual distraction. Later levels involve anti-gravity pads, stars that can only be picked up by objects of a specific color, objects with stars embedded in them, and even more fun challenges where you’ll have to clear the screen of objects in as few cuts as possible. In each level, you win a ‘crown’ if you finish the level using a minimum number of cuts. In case you cannot figure out a particular level, you can skip it and try it later. 

   There are currently 192 levels to keep you busy and the difficulty just keeps going up. The game is ad-supported but the banner ads at the bottom of the screen are persistent. You’ll also see often random full-screen ads. If you really like the game, you can remove all ads with a one-time purchase of $1.99. For a game that’s so visually simple and creatively attractive, the idea of having it filled with ads almost completely ruins it.

      Despite its pretty basic premise there’s quite a bit of fun with Ultra Sharp. It’s a superb puzzler that really nails the difficulty curve, while gently introducing new ideas and getting you to think in different ways. Ultra Sharp can be downloaded for free from the App Store, and includes in-app purchases to remove adds and let you skip levels.

  Enjoy the walkthrough video below to exceed all the 192 levels of the game: