Unblock Ball – Slide Puzzle Game Walkthrough

      Unblock Ball – Slide Puzzle is a simple addictive unblock puzzle game developed by iGold Technologies. The goal is to guide the ball to the red goal block by moving the tile slots with your finger. It’s also necessary required to unblock the ball’s path with as minimal moves as possible, as you have a predetermined amount of moves to succeed in each level.

      The game has over 1000+ puzzles in total ranging from Beginner level to Expert. The most of the levels are easy to be solved, if you manage to find the right strategy. A perfect fulfillment means that you got 3 stars and this depends on the total number of moves you’ve made in order to pass the level.  Unblock Ball will help you train your brain and keep you mentally fit everyday. This puzzle game is for kids and adult of all ages. You can either play it all by yourself or even challenge your friends.

      While the object sounds simple, you only have a few moves to start solving the puzzle. Your score is based on the number of moves it takes you to create a path to the finish point. If your ball hits a dead end or falls off a puzzle tile, you fail the level and you’ll have to retry. Pocket the colored balls inside the same color holes in given moves while avoid dropping them anywhere else. The balls move realistically and are lively animated while moving the blocks using real physics. You MUST think and play with strategy to pocket the balls with the least moves possible.

      The game presents a pretty easy gameplay, as you have only touch and drag the blocks in order to move them. You have the option of repeating once failed levels whereas you can try finding new routes. Unblock Ball either displays several ball types, implying different game modes: Single Ball, Multi Ball, Red and Blue Ball, Magic Ball, Magic Wall, Splitting Ball and Super Block game packs. After completing 50 levels in Single Ball you’ll unlock the Multi Ball pack. You’ll be able to unlock also the other successive packs by finishing 50 Level in each pack.

     Unblock Ball is challenging, addictive and a very interesting puzzle game. The game is offered for-free on both Android and iOS platforms with several in-app purchases that can be bought. This ultimate mind game will help you pass your boring moments while will also refresh your thinking. If you get stuck in the game check out the following video walkthrough for the first 60 levels of the game:

Levels 1-30

Levels 31-60

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