Unforeseen Incidents Full Game Walkthrough

     Unforeseen Incidents is a sharp, smart, cute and superbly constructed adventure game, with remarkable voice acting, superb music, and some of the most splendid hand-drawn art ever seen in a game. Unforeseen Incidents is a classic point-and-click adventure game with an interesting story and incredible art that everyone should experience. You mostly pick up and interact with objects as well as talk with people in order to solve puzzles and advance through the story. The game is developed by Backwoods Entertainment, with both English and German voicing. In Unforeseen Incidents you play as Harper Pendrell, who is the local handyman of a small hometown called Yelltown. His hometown is quiet usually but recently a dangerous disease has been impacting the town. One day while returning home Harper encounters a woman that has contracted the disease and she is dying in the streets, with blood coming from here eyes, nose and mouth. While investigating the mysterious woman Harper uncovers a conspiracy involving the disease. From this point he’ll be involved in solving the mystery and conspiracy that is hidden behind the deadly disease that’s consuming his hometown. The question raised is:“Can Harper uncover in time the truth to stop the disease from spreading and threatening all the humankind?”

    Once you are attracted to the game because of its unique artwork and prompt point-and-click gameplay there’s no turning back. Unforeseen Incidents present a great visual aesthetic. Characters and backgrounds are drawn with an appealing pen and ink style that provides a high level of detail while being also more caricatured and interesting than in reality. Unforeseen Incidents is a really good point-and-click adventure game, actually that good that you’ll become set towards it. Uncover and solve the dark mysteries behind the ongoing catastrophe and try to save the human race. Explore plenty of intriguing locations with challenging puzzles. If you get stuck in the game, check out the following video walkthroughs for the game.

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