Vive Le Roi 2 Game Walkthrough


     Vive le Roi 2 is a puzzle platform game developed by Sylvain Seccia. The game is placed in the French Revolution era. The story plot sets the revolutionaries who are about to guillotine Louis XVI and you would be the last hope for the people of France to prevent the King’s execution and change the country’s destiny. There are 36 intriguing levels and many puzzles to solve during the course of the adventure. As a young revolutionary, your main goal is to explore the ladders, tunnels, and platforms in order to reach the captured rebels while dodging the submitted enemies through carefully thought movements. Being seen by a single enemy will result in immediate failure, so Vive Le Roi 2 can become quite frustrating and challenging.

   Vive Le Roi 2 gives you the opportunity to rewrite history. Your objective in each level of the game is to sneak your way to the guillotine and save the king before his head is cut off. Besides the guards who protect the territory your greatest enemy are the number of moves it takes to succeed in every levels’ difficultness. Basically is a game that tests your reflexes and craftiness. One bad-time movement and the guards will quickly respond ending your attempt in a glimpse. The environment has a big part in your hide and seek process. Make sure to hide in the darkness and move around while being camouflaged. As you process the game, the levels’ design becomes more complicated leaving you with fewer places left to hide. Some maps even include objects that can be used to distract the enemies like i.e. fireworks which can be used to dislodge the attention of guards, barrels which can be dropped into guards’ heads to permanently get rid of them. Keep also in mind that engaging with items in the proper order can change a guard’s movement pattern forcing him to grant you access to the king.

    Bottom line, Vive Le Roi 2, a sequel of Vive Le Roi, is an elegant art style and addictive stealth game which offers enjoyable variety. With its simplistic style, nice design and increasingly challenging levels delivers something very special to all the gamers around the globe. If you get stuck into the game rely on the following video walkthroughs of the game:

Levels 1-12

Levels 13-24

Levels 25-36

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