World of Demons Walkthrough and Gameplay

Action RPG

     World of Demons is a high-quality action RPG developed by DeNA Corp. In World of Demons, players take the role of samurai as they battle oni and yokai, supernatural monsters and spirits drawn by the Japanese tradition. The story of World of Demons is pretty much said in the title. Oni (ogres and demons) have taken over the human world and are slowly taking the convincible Yokai (supernatural beings). These corrupted Yokai have been recruited to attack humans and it’s up your brave Samurai to remove the Oni threat. World of Demons is free-to-play, so there are in-game currency that players can earn or buy with real-world money in order to acquire more yokai. Each character comes has its own finishing move based on the weapon they are equipped with. At the right time, the player must paint a symbol on-screen to execute his character’s killing blow. The combat works with touch-based controls and the player needs only to move toward an enemy and attack it. The samurai will attack promptly with a series of combination hits as soon as you give him the command. Players can also dodge enemy attacks with a swipe of the screen, and deviate attacks. Interrupting attack animations at just the right time is a key for the success in a combat. Everything is well-designed to the detail and the fight scenario gives you a super achieved evocation.

     You will experience intense sword combat in single-and multiplayer game modes as you fight to liberate ancient Japan from demonic invaders. The game takes place in a fantastic interpretation of medieval Japan in where the Oni have taken over the human world. Only the brave Samurai may dare to stand up to the threat of the Oni. World of Demons looks and is indeed spectacular. The game’s visuals are perfectly composed on traditional Japanese ink painting with beautifully rendered personificated characters. The game features also upgrades and customizations for each of the Samurai player characters as well as for the weapons they use. By upgrading your character you can gain better offensive skills, additional sword skills and character-specific special moves. Use every tool at your disposal to defeat giant bosses and demonic creatures. If you face difficulties with the gameplay, check out the following video walkthrough and gameplay of the game:

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