World’s Hardest Game Full Walkthrough

        World’s Hardest Game is a highly addictive puzzle app with a simple idea and easy mechanics, that actually lives up to its title. The game is developed by minh nguyen and is offered for free, although with some available in-app purchases. The idea behind World’s Hardest Game is simple. You control a red square that you’ll need to move to an exit. Standing between you and the exit are certain deadly blue circles that move fast while trying to prevent you pass through them. If you can manage to get past these deadly spheres you still won’t be able to use the exit unless you’ve collected all of the yellow circles on the map, which moreover stay near the deadly blue circles. The game is harder than you might ever expect since its very first level. You’ll quickly be stopped dead in your tracks by something so difficult it could not possibly have been conceived by a human mind.

     You can control your red dot from anywhere on the screen. This means you won’t have to have your finger over your dot so you can see where he’s moving instead of having the view of his surroundings confused by your controlling finger. Figuring out also the safest places to line up when the spinning blue death is near it’s a great deal of relief sometimes. World’s Hardest Game is such a simple and plain looking game that your first impression is that it will be easy, but this would be the worst impression you can create about this tormentress puzzle game.


    The objective of each level is to avoid collision with the blue dots. You may be wondering why that is so hard but you’ll see it for yourself after downloading, if you still haven’t. The movement of the balls and the seemingly impossible levels makes WHG truly live up to its name. You can eventually beat the levels with enough playing time and deaths, although that is highly unlikely. The game features very simple yet extremely difficult game stages to complete, with levels unbelievably frustrating to complete and at the meantime very satisfying once they get done.

There are 30 levels in total, and we died more or less 300+ times in order to provide you with the following video walkthrough for all the 30 levels of the game:

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