Yellow Game Walkthrough

      Yellow is an interesting puzzle game created by Bart Bonte, the developer behind Red and other addictive puzzles. Yellow will have you rushing through its 50 levels without pause. In Yellow, each level requires you to make the screen yellow, just like in Red but with the color yellow being the only difference. The gameplay may seem simple at first, but every single level has its own logic which requires focusing in order to solve it. In every level the player must turn the colour of the screen yellow using buttons, sliders or deliberately placed screen taps. Each level’s logic is completely distinctive and different from the rest. As long as you remember that you need to make the screen yellow, you’ll work it out eventually.

       Yellow features 50 gorgeous levels, in where you obviously need to make the screen entirely yellow. The quest remains simple and accessible: Solve the puzzle through filling every black space in yellow. After all how hard can it be to understand this simple premise and achieve what’s needed? There’s a distinctive separation between the levels with every puzzle requiring a different logic to be solved. This means you’ll need to remember any previously shown mechanics to maintain the right pace.

      Yellow stands out as an incredibly relaxing puzzle after all. Being a puzzle while at the meantime creating a feeling of relaxation it’s not something very common in the virtual markets nowadays. Although, the game can bring some frustrations as you get to the higher levels. The solution won’t be far though, it will come up eventually instead as you try out all the possibilities that each level will put. If you get stuck you can also use the light bulb button which will appear after a while in the bottom right of each level to get a hint that will help you pass. There are several hints for each level. Anyhow, you can also rely on the following video walkthrough and gameplay for all the levels of the game:

Levels 1-25:

Levels 26-50:

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