Pokemon Masters – Part 1 Rosa Walkthrough

Pokemon Masters is the hottest new Pokemon mobile game for Android and IOS, and it seems to be absolutely amazing. It’s currently only available for Singapore so you have to use a VPN or APK to play it. Here are a few details about the game:

The Pokemon Masters League or PML for short is a giant tournament where trainers from all over the world gather to compete. In this tournament, trainers partner with one of their Pokemon and together they form a so-called “Sync Pair”. Throughout your adventure, you’ll meet and team up with other pairs.

You’ll begin the game by collecting the badges you need to qualify for the PML tournament. Making friends and improving together is a very good way to have a very good and warm game experience. While aiming for the championship, you can to special training to grow stronger at a faster rate. You can train with your Sync pairs and the special spot to do that is the Training Area. During training, you’ll probably earn many rewards. That’s not it. There are also daily missions you can complete and make your team even stronger.

For the best game experience

For the best game experience, we recommend you use a device with at least 2GB of RAM. If you’re on Andriod, OS 7.0 or higher is recommended. There might be cases where the app does not function properly due to the capabilities of the user’s device. And about IOS, it may take time until it becomes fully compatible with its latest version.

Here’s a video to Pokemon Masters Part 1 Rosa:


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