Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt Chapter 2 Game Walkthrough

Chapter 2:

     Look the painting on the wall as you’ll need to summon a ghost thereafter. At the painting you’ll notice the moon shapes over the table, between the ghost and the human. Now, survey the bookshelves and notice that five of them have gold lines on them. Transform yourself into a raven in order to close the windows so that the shapes on the table match the moon shapes from the painting. Move also the portrait a bit aside and pick up the two candles as well as the half planchette.

     Now tap on the globe and select the countries according the order of the number of gold lines you spotted on the book. So the row will go as: 1) England, 2) Egypt, 3) France, 4) Spain, 5) Italy.

     Advance through the hidden doorway and collect the candle, the ouja board, the glass pine and the pendulum. 

Change into raven and collect three more candles, the other planchette half, a dowsing rod, and take regard at the pocket watch which is pointing 43.

     Transform back into human and leave the room. Place the glass piece in the camera and look through it. You’ll need to move the items up and down according their sorted line.       Then you’ll notice the ghost appeared pointing at the number 20. After this you’ll be getting the second dowsing rod.

Now place all the items on the table equally as the painting. Keep in mind to do the opposite, due to you’re seeing the table from the other side. Take the tinderbox and use it to light these four candles:

      The ouja board will reveal the number 2043 and the ghost will tell you its name is Baxter. Baxter will appear right after telling you to move the box in front of the door. 

While chatting the box releases lasers from it.

 You must now turn into raven and fly through the hole in the wall. There will be a puzzle to solve here. You’ll have to use the gray arrows to move the raven through the pipes. Tap the yellow arrow to rotate brown pipes next to you. Explore the maze until you find the way out through the cracks. This is the path that we took:


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