Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt/ Chapter 3 Game Walkthrough

Chapter 3:

Change into raven and collect the spider webs, the three piles of wood chips and the screwdriver.

      While being here examine also the engraving on the corner of the wardrobe.

 This would be a clue, that looks like a ‘V’ with three dots around it. Then fly through the hole in the wall to find another cobweb and a pile of wood chips. 

Then brush away the dust to find several symbols.

      Go back through the hole and change into human to pick up another cobweb. Go through the door where you’ll find a chained hellhound, to whom you’ll need to find water. 

First grab the web and take a look at the book drawings. Then change into raven and collect the web and the two piles of wood chips. 

Use also the screwdriver to get the screw from the hook. Don’t get out without first noticing the clue with an ‘L’ with the three dots around it. There are also some dots between the two chains.

       Change back into human and go back to the other room. Open the glass case and access the broken sword, which you’ll fix using the screw that you have. You’ll still need something to sharpen it. Change back into raven and go through the hole in the wall. Use all the six piles of wood chips and the six spider webs to finish the nest. Grab the nest along with the salt that just appeared.

       Leave the hole and use the salt upon the magic seal. Change the symbols according the clues you’ve seen inside the wall and at the book. Access now the wardrobe, where you’ll encounter yet another lock.

       Change into human and use the hints around the place to open the lock. The combinations looks like the image below:

        Open the wardrobe and take the gauntlets from the armor. Change into raven and fly once again into the hole to use the gauntlets in order to get the musket ball. Then leave the hole and change into human. Tap on the musket on the table and place the musket ball on the table. Rearrange the images as below shown in the image, in order that they’ll show how to load and fire a musket. Note the arrows then pick up the loaded musket appeared nearby.  

        Head back to the other room and fire with the musket on the clogged faucet to take the cork. 

Change to raven and grab the musket pin. While being here, zoom in on the puzzle on the wall. Take the pin above and use it to hold down the papers. You’ll need to divide the territories between different supernatural species. You need to form a pink shape as well as a blue shape while they look the same. There will be a series of three puzzles:

       Grab the whetstone and then change to human and go back to the armory. Examine all the items on the left of the sword and place the cork with the rest of the items. Now drag all the items around so there will be no overlapping or empty space around the items. As the image below suggests:

       When done collect the broken knife handle and then use the whetstone to sharpen the sword and the gauntlets to pick it up. 

Go back to the hellhound and place the nest in the sink while you use the broken knife handle to turn on the faucet and fill the nest with water. Pick up the filled nest and give water to the hellhound. Then use the sword to cut through its chains.

Go through the hole under the hellhound to complete the chapter.

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