Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Chapter 4:

You’ll be starting as a raven. First brush away all the dust and then collect the jar of fish and the bell ringer. Place the bell ringer inside the bell and make it ring. A cat will appear right after.

Place the jar on top of the box to the left and then push it so it breaks. The cat will come out and will start eating. When you’ll touch you’ll be able to take on its form.

Tap on the footprints on the right where you’ll have to find your way through the maze to the green footprints. Watch the video below to escape the maze:

Remark the glowing hints around the room. 

The flowers on the statue have three fingerprints while the snowy painting has five fingerprints. There are also other paw prints leading to the space between the books on the desk. Change into human and pick up the book from the desk and then proceed downstairs.

Open the curtain at the top left and pick up the cord. Lift up the rug under the table to reveal the floor safe. You’ll be needing a combination to open it so come back later. Change again into cat and notice that the rug has fallen leaves upon as well as 7 fingerprints. Remark also the paw prints leading to the broken vase as well as the scratches on the couch. 

Move through the door to the bedroom.

Observe the painting with the beach having one fingerprint on it, while a pillow is out of place. There are also some claw marks near the bed’s foot.

 Change into human and pick up the chair leg. Open the table drawer to get the wheel. Tie the cord to the cauldron in the fireplace and pull it. Take the brass tab and the vault door ring.

Go a room back and place the wheel on the ladder’s foot so you can move it. Fix the broken step with the chair leg, then climb up and place the book you earlier picked in its empty slot. A non-budging crank will appear. Open the floor safe using the four numbers you’ve got from the different seasons. They go as winter, spring, summer and fall, so the numbers will be 5,3,1, and lastly 7. Enter these numbers in the floor safe and get the vault door ring.

Get back upstairs and place the brass tab with the other ones on the front of the desk. To get the the needed clues to solve this puzzle, you’ll need to turn into cat and follow the paw prints to the broken and missing objects. The first is the 2nd book on the desk, then the 5th vase downstairs, the 1st butterfly on the couch, the 2nd bedpost and the 5th pillow in the bed. So you’ll get 2, 5, 1, 2, 5. Get back upstairs and turn into human. Slide the brass tabs into those positions in order to take the other vault door ring.

   Change into cat and grab also the ghost key at the desk. Go back to the bedroom and use the ghost key to open the locked box on the table while being a cat and get the winding key and the diamond ring from inside. Get back to the main room and use the diamond ring to break through the glass on the bookshelf in order to take the oil can. Use the oil can on the crank and the budge the crank to lower the chandelier. Grab the other vault door ring from it.

Go back upstairs. Change into human and use the winding key to turn on the music player. The notes will be low, but if you change into cat you’ll see the sounds glow. Go to the piano as cat and tap accordingly:

Change into human and take the last vault door ring from the music player. Tape the door to the left and place all the five door rings on it. Rotate them to create a path that goes from the outside to the center and then back outside. As the below image shows:

Proceed through the open door to Otto’s vault. Change into a cat and look at the vault inside. This will be a really ugly puzzle. Each panel can switch between a flying animal and a land animal. As a human, you can swap the color between blue and green. Blue represents sky and green represents land. Change all the triangles that point the sky to blue while you put flying animals on them and change all the triangles that point down to green and put land animals on them. It should look approximately like the screenshot below:

As it opens, move the book aside and take the key. Go back downstairs and use the crank to pull the chandelier back up and then use the key to unlock the final door and complete the charter.

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