Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Chapter 5:

Watch the note over the table. It’s a clue you’ll use in a bit.

Change into cat and get the two gears. Use the clues from the note to select the proper shapes and open the lock. Count on the image below to make it easy:

Change back to human and grab the matches and the key. Then advance through the door on the right. 

You’ll enter in a kitchen. You’ll spot a Baxter’s to-do list on the table. 

Open the drawer and get the kerosene fuel. 

Change into cat and observe also the blood stains across the room.

Turn back to human and get back to the firs room. Use the kerosene fuel upon the lamp and then use the matches to light it. 

You’ll see a green glowing dot inside of it. Go back to the kitchen and pour fuel into the lamp. Light it up and you’ll spot two glowing green dots. Leave the kitchen and go to the below indicated room. 

Pick the watering can first and then pour once again kerosene at the lamp and light it to see three glowing green dots. 

Get the key that will appear and then change into cat again to get another gear. 

Change back into human. Go to the kitchen and fill the watering can with water from the sink.

Go to the sitting room and water the plants. 

Get the contract and the key. When you’ll look the contract, it says:


Go back to the kitchen and change into cat. Spot the locked chest and tap upon the fingerprints to change them so that they all match the one on the contract:

Change back to a human and go back to the first room. Open up the clock and place all the gears. You’ll need to arrange them so the colors all matched up. You must change into cat to notice the colors of the glowing gears. Depend on the image below and then you’ll may take the key at the bottom of the clock.

Go back to the sitting room and open the locked box. Place all four keys and figure out the correct order of doing it. The to-do list suggests it goes as cigar closet first, then lamp, flowers, and clock.

Now you’ll have to organize the panels in order so they tell the story of Baxter’s experience. The row should be arranged like this:

Take the key from inside and then go back to the kitchen where you’ll be using the key to open the back door and complete the chapter.

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