Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Chapter 6:

     Grab the flour and then change into a cat and you’ll see a ghost pointing at the table. Pour the flour onto the table and you’ll spot a secret message. 

Pick up the pickle jar and watch the drawing on the table. Use this clue to unlock the door on the left. 

Set the symbols to two hands on top and a moon below.

    Now go through the door on the right to enter into the bedroom. Grab the rope and then transform again into cat. 

Notice the numbers on the bells and then pull one of the red ropes to make the bells start ringing. Pay attention to the numbers as they ring: Baxter is 12749; Joan is 24613; Cole is 74517 and Lilly is 86889

     Open all the four boxes and get all the things found. Get the key and the red shoe from Joan’s box. Take the shovel from Cole’s box and also the vegetable from Lilly’s box. Change back into human and then go back to the kitchen. Tie the rope to the dumb waiter, although you’ll still need something else for it. Go to the storage room and use the key to open the cabinet below the tool box. 

Change into cat and solve the laser reflecting puzzle by moving around the mirrors. You have to use the laser to go through all the squares with spiders on them. The puzzle should be solved as below shown:

Take the wrench and then use the vegetable together with the wrench on the giant wheel. There will be revealed a supernatural graveyard underneath. Pick up the rope, the large wheel, the red shoe and the horseshoe as well.

Tap on the memorial boxes on the shelf. They are red with roses on them. Change into cat to see the names on each box. 

Add the right items for each person: Joan gets the red shoes, Cole gets the shovel, Lilly gets the pickle jar and Baxter gets the horseshoe. 

Now you’ll be able to spot the numbers 4727 on the floor. 

Take the small rusty wheel from the ghost and then go back to the kitchen and enter 4727 to open the safe. 

   Take the alcohol and tap on the colored bottles. Add the alcohol to the table and then change again into cat so you can see the color of each chemical.You must mix colors in each bottle to duplicate them. You’ll have to switch several times between human and cat form, given that the bottles on the table only show the color for the human form. It goes like this:

-Top Left: Red + Blue
-Top Center: Blue + White
-Top Right: Black + White
-Center Left: Red + Yellow
-Center: Red + White
-Center Right: Blue + Yellow
-Lower Left: Red + Yellow + White
-Lower Center: Black + Blue
-Lower Right: Red + Blue + White

Take the ammonia cleaner and then add the two wheels and the other rope to the dumb waiter, add also the ammonia and the chapter will be complete.

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