Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Chapter 7:

    This is a chapter with a lot of dialogue. Euphemia has tied Moira up and wants to hunt her down. You must get her come closer to you so you can grab the dog whistle around her neck. 

When you’ll have the chance to decide, shapeshift into Euphemia instead. Then move the eyeglass around to different objects and tap them to get new dialogue options. Tap on the suitcase and the box with colored gems on it.

    Now that you’ll have more dialogue options choose “If these bonds are like that broken wand, I’ll easily escape.” In this way she’ll move closer. Shapeshift and find the magic trap. Tap it and you’ll get another dialogue option. Choose the right questions. 

First, choose “I can outrun you. It’s taking you forever to fix that trap.” Next, choose “You’ll have to hunt me again here if you don’t secure the bonds.” After, choose “So you disapprove of Otto’s broken practices?”. Then, choose “You’re right. His wealth is an illusion of security.” After that choose “Let me try finding your personal demon.” Finally, choose “Nothing.” Now she’ll move close enough so you can take the dog whistle from her and call Beezle the hellhound in order to help you.

     With the next puzzle, you must tap the supernatural creatures and turn them all into natural creatures. Use Euphemia’s lens to see how they all affect each other. Tap them in the order shown below and you’ll trap Euphemia inside the box.

     Now find the two miniature shields, the two miniature helmets, two miniature swords and a miniature horse. 

Start using Euphemia’s eyeglass to inspect the case in the lower left corner that shown below. You can vaguely distinguish shapes even without the eyeglass. Inspect the other case that matches it. There’s a wand on top of it. You need to select the gems in order to match the pattern you saw on the other one. It goes by: Star, Triangle, Sideways eye, Star, Circle, Square. 

     Take the beam wand and continue to the next puzzle. You’re going to use the beam wand to figure out the order to use all the miniature shields, swords, etc. find the device that lets you look through it to see an image. Use the beam wand in the different holes to see each section of the image. Then, use that info to place the miniatures in the glass case housing the halberd. It goes like this: Sword, Shield, Horse, Shield, Helmet, Sword, Helmet.

    Take the halberd and use to break the lock on the box to the left to take Euphemia’s key. 

For the next puzzle you must use the eyeglass once again and spot the clue on the ottoman. Notice the colors of the stars : Yellow, Black, Yellow, Blue and Pink.

    Now tap on the box with the colored squares on the outside. Equip Euphemia’s eyeglass again. You need to use the beam wand to shine a laser on each circle and change the color. You can only change the color by first moving it to another circle, so you basically have to change two colors at once. In the end, they need to match the colors from the ottoman. 

Accordingly yellow, black, yellow, blue, pink. The squares tell you the order than the colors change in. Start by alternating between the first two circles to make the first one yellow. Then alternate between the second and third until the second one is black. Then, move on to the last one and alternate between the last two until the last one is pink. Then, just go back and forth between number 3 and 4 until 3 is yellow and 4 is blue. A keyhole will appear right after. Use Euphemia’s key in the keyhole. Go through the open door to successfully complete the chapter 7.

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