Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt/ Tutorial & Chapter 1 Game Walkthrough

Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt/ Chapter 1 Walkthrough:

         Adventure Escape: Haunted Hunt is a striking adventure & puzzle game developed by Haiku Games. The game is situated on Victorian era and your mission is to escape the residency you are being captured by shapeshifting into fictional animals. You play as Moira, a shapeshifter captured by a supernatural hunter. As Moira, you must use all her supernatural abilities to shapeshift into different animals and escape the hunter’s captivity. Explore all the spooky locations inside the giant house to learn everything about the story behind. Reveal the many different rooms, secret vaults and along the way meet the other supernatural gifted individuals as yourself. The game features nice graphics with highlighted Victorian details that will almost teleport you to the actual Victorian castle in the game.

      Help Moira get through all the chapters and levels of the game with this step-by-step walkthrough guide which includes all the puzzle answers and maze solutions.

Chapter 1:

      The chapter begins with the tutorial. First pick up the napkin and dip it into the bucket of water. 

Then use the napkin to clean the floor. Look carefully the pattern on the floor. 

Due to the displayed arrow, it’s telling you to start with the heart then follow to the sun, the eye, and lastly to the moon. Tap on the locked box and change the combinations according the pattern on the floor. As the box opens, take the bread from inside. Take also the teacup into your equipment. Tap the cup against the open box in order to make the raven come closer to you. After the raven has approached you’ll may shapeshift. Now that you can switch between a raven and a human, there are certain things to do first as a raven. Talk with the other raven and ask it to move. You’ll may pick up the letter opener afterwards. Then open the curtain and knock the mirror down.


Turn human and grab the fire-iron (poker) along with the mirror.Use the letter opener to cut off a piece of the curtain and use the poker to remove the lid of the mermaid tank. Use the poker to also reach the box above the shelves containing teeths (on the left) and grab the jeweled skull inside. As you’ll read the book of butterfly wings on the right, the book rules are as cited:

“Butterfly Food Chain:
Red and orange don’t eat each other.
Red and yellow don’t eat each other.
Each type only eats the one below it.
Blue eats pink.
Pink eats yellow.
Butterflies are ruthless.
Green is king at the top of the food chain.
Fairies are at the bottom.”

So the order from the top would be: Green, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green:

After successfully adjusting the butterflies order you’ll be getting the fairy wings.

     When taping further, the painting on the wall tells you that vampires have no reflections. A valuable hint you’ll need to use upon the shelves of teeths on the left. Place the mirror down next to the shelves and select the ones that don’t have a reflection in order to get the vampire teeth.

     Now turn into a raven again and get the net from the mermaid tank and use it promptly in the tank to get the mermaid scales. Look at the top of the teeth shelves where you’ll spot a clues saying: “BAXTER WAS HERE”.

      Tap the table in the middle of the room and place the four items that you have according the image shown just a bit earlier before (Where ‘Baxter was here’ is written).

Change back to human and dip the cloth in the green liquid. 

Zoom in on the painting on the wall and use the cloth to clean up the scratches at the bottom. In this way you’ll reveal the number 1841.

Tap on the door and enter the numbers 1841 in order to unlock it. After going through Chapter 1 will be complete.

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