Faraway 3: Arctic Escape Levels 1-3 Walkthrough


       Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is the new released adventure game developed by the famous studio ‘Snapbreak Games’.  Faraway 3 is the third edition of the adventure game trilogy. The player must escape the exciting locations filled with intriguing puzzles that need to be solved. This room escape game will challenge your puzzle solving abilities in a way you’ve never seen before. The game will really impress you with its stylish environments, cool puzzle-solving, and interesting storyline.

      Since several years you’ve began your journey searching your lost father. After unraveling a large amount of struggling puzzles in the previous editions, the last door you entered took you to a frosty environment with new mystic locations to investigate. This is will be the final chapter of the Faraway series and the one it concludes the whole storyline that began in the first game. As those who have played the game before know, the adventure is pretty genuine and fair. Anyhow there are lots of well-hidden story elements that you have to reveal to keep the things going on.

      This is a complete walkthrough guide to help you get through the game. It also includes all notes and letters. Don’t forget to leave a comment if there’s a hint you can’t understand or overcome. Take a seat and enjoy the pleasant escape!

You can either watch the video walkthrough or continue through the below step-by-step guide.

Level 1:

     Swipe down to open the first door. 

Pull the two levers down and then cross through the rocks. 

Watch left and memorize the pattern which will be a clue right after. Also don’t forget to pick up the note. Turn to the right and apply the pattern you saw on the left upon the buttons. 

Move upstairs through the opened door. Break one of the jars on the right to get another letter. Turn left and zoom in on the crank. Rotate it and then take the portal tile.

     Before completing the level, it’s adviced to find the third note. You’ll have to go back to the buttons. Look at the pattern on the tile and copy only the yellow lines into the buttons. The structure will rotate while you’ll be able to punch in the other half of the pattern and get the third letter.

      Go up to the portal and place the slot at the top. Go through to complete the first level.

Level 2:

     Walk up to the door and slide each of the two yellow bars out of the way. Go through the door and pick up the first letter. Turn to the left and climb through the ladder. 

Pick up the disc and move the rock aside to get another letter. Pull the levers according to order to build a staircase.

Go back down through the ladder and turn to the right. There’s a circular space at the top of a door. Place the disc inside to make it open. Then, pull the sliders to the orange spots so the disc drops down.

 Go inside and watch the clue on the floor. It’s telling you to lift the first column of stones so only 2 stones will be shown, then 3 for the next, then 1, and last is 4. Move the cover to the left and take the portal tile. For the third letter, first arrange all the columns in order that they match the tile like so:

     Go upstairs to the portal. Place the tile in the slot, but don’t go through yet. Look how the third line is moving up and down. Go back to the stone columns and pump the third pillar up and down until the wall opens up and reveals the third letter. Now you can go through the portal and complete the level.

Level 3:

     Go up through the staircase on the right and pick up the first letter.Tap and hold on the right side of the table in order to tilt it downward. Grab the sliding little gold piece on the right.

 Move up through the left staircase and lift up all the flaps of the box to get another gold piece. 

Get back up between the two staircases and place the gold bits on the pegs above the door. Rotate each section clockwise and then advance through. Go ahead upstairs and solve the maze by tilting the table in the direction that you want the triangle to move. So it goes by: Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left and Up

Then you’ll be able to get the triangle. Get back down, turn left and watch the sculpture on the left. This will be a clue. Break the thin piece in front to collect another letter. 

    Turn left and straighten out all the planks in way so that they point upward to match the sculpture. 

Afterwards cross the bridge and pull all the sliders to get the portal tide.

 Get back to the planks and knock both the outside ones in order to match the pattern on the tile and then take the third letter.

 Go back and turn right. Place the triangle in its slot and cross the bridge. Place the tile above the portal and go through to complete the third level. 

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