The Birdcage Game Walkthrough

#16 in Adventure

       The Birdcage is a mystery puzzle game developed by Kaarel Kirsipuu, the creators of Faraway series and many other escape puzzles to gear all the escape puzzle enthusiasts. In The Birdcage, unlike Faraway, you must help birds to get out of cages which are mostly like puzzle boxes. Prepare yourself for intuitive touch controls, mechanical puzzles and much thinking, notably outside the box. In order to finish this puzzle game, you need to use all the room escape skills you have. Unravel the mystery behind the 21 golden cages, and the story about the birds locked inside.

       The story plot is about a heartbroken King who lost his young son in a climbing accident. He then decides to lock away all the things that his son loved most.  This includes the blue birds that populated their kingdom. He managed to do this by seizing the very wind from the sky. Your duty will be to release the birds and unleash the wind once again.

      The Birdcage brings the puzzle solving experience to a whole new level. The puzzles are incredibly stunning and smart. The gameplay is simple and quick. Once you’ve started it would be impossible to quit. Experience yourself the authentic atmosphere within the game. Enjoy the warm atmospheric audio and chilling soundtracks while you try solving some of the most challenging puzzles ever made in an app. If you get stuck in the game, check out the following video walkthroughs for the game.

Levels 1-5

The game is only available on iOS: