Baseball Boy Game Review

Baseball Boy



        Practically the title says it all! Baseball Boy is the ultimate successful game of the french well-known company Voodoo. Apparently the simpler the game is, the more it attracts new players. Baseball Boy is an arcade styled home run sort of game where you have to hit a ball and aim for the furthest distance possible. As you gain distance, you earn credits. With those credits you can upgrade your bat and power to hit further distances and get more money for upgrades. Simple as that. Baseball Boy sounds is a pretty simple, addictive playtime waster. Players take the role of a small boy with a uncommonly large and square head. He holds a bat, and in front of him is a constantly swaying arrow moving between a scale of red to yellow. The aim is indeed simple: just tap the screen when the arrow hits red in the middle and the character will hit the baseball as far and straight as possible. Even if you hit the perfect shot, there are cars, buildings, and trees in the way to prevent you from reaching a high score.

       The game is very simple with all you have to do is press the screen whenever you want to hit the ball and with how much power. So as you can imagine you might get bored very quickly as nothing seems to change even when you do get new bats. Yet the biggest issue with Baseball Boy is a very familiar problem: The ads. There are many of them appearing almost after every hit of the ball and they’ll become more and more annoying after time. Baseball Boy is probably more a series of ads with a few short gameplay interruptions than the other way around. You can as well get rid off the ads by making a no-ad purchase.

      Your personal best will be marked, giving you an indication of how far you need to hit your next shot. However, this doesn’t only act as a personal incentive, but it allows you to see how close you are to the game’s next milestone. Surpass each milestone (or level), and you’ll be rewarded a brand new bat, ranging from a banana to a fish.

     Voodoo has been investing a lot to design simple catchy games which attract more and more players worldwide. Furthermore, it doesn’t takes much time to play. You just open the game and play it promptly, whiles getting busy you can pause and continue again later. Baseball Boy is an enjoyable take on the sport. It doesn’t take itself too seriously with its Minecraft-like visuals and silly unlockable bats. Upgrades can be achieved nearly every other shot, so at no point does it feel like you’re having to grind just to make your character hit the ball further. The ability to earn in-game currency when being offline is much helpful, as you’re not required to play 24/7 just to improve.

     Baseball Boy has already reached 9.2 thousand reviews since when released on January. The main action of the game is pretty apparent and the graphics are moreover satisfying. That’s Baseball Boy! A new viral phenomenon among the users of smart devices in the iOS and Android operating systems. Literally prepare yourself for some endless baseball fun.

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