Snake VS Block Game Review



       Expanding on one of the most iconic games in mobile gaming history, Nokia’s ‘Snake’ was one of the original pioneers and an inspiration to countless games since its initial release. Hereupon this ‘Snake’ styled game also incorporates an endless runner style of automation combined with another iconic genre of retro brick crushing. Snake VS Block has an extremely simple gameplay and with its quick fast rounds the game immediately becomes extremely addictive. Anyways, the free-to-play version is unfortunately horribly undulated with lengthy pop-up video advertisements. If they were a tenth of what they were, then it would still be annoying yet understandable. However, this new updated classic game tends to remain installed at your smartphone for a fairly long time.

       The gameplay into Snake vs Block is pretty simple and you might not even need a guide at all. Nevertheless, you just have to swipe your finger in order to guide a snake made of balls into breaking or avoiding the emerging bricks on your way. Try to break as many bricks as possible. Get additional balls and make your snake as big as you can. The game it’s very easy to be played and moreover hard to reach high scores. Players use a universally simple one touch swipe to steer left and right. The yellow balls with numbers above them adds length on your snake and they must be collected as often as possible. The blocks with their numbers indicate how many yellow balls will take to smash through the block. Once your snake runs out of segments (yellow balls) then your round will be over. This is the entire premise of the game which makes it extremely easy to pick up, yet very difficult to master as players will not only need to test lightning reflexes but also pull together a predictive sense of where weaker and stronger blocks are likely to show up. Undoubtedly the most important aspect is to constantly scan the scrolling horizon in way to collect as many balls as possible while avoiding the heavy hitter blocks. By doing so however opens up the biggest deliberation: “Is it better to aim your snake’s extension at the cost of hitting stronger blocks, or is it better instead to focus on dodging hard blocks at the cost of ignoring possible power up yellow balls”? This rebus obviously comes down to player preferences. Yet the easiest most obvious answer is that both are equally important. It may in fact be more advantageous to sacrifice a few snake segments if the following blocks are much more accessible rather than taking the easiest option only to die tragically on the next immediate obstacle. Rather than waiting for objects to appear and swiping in reaction reflexes, it’s way far faster to simply find a comfortable non-compelling position anywhere on-screen and then press and hold. This allows much faster management of control while letting you to rush and curl with much greater accuracy and speed! Keep also in mind that the ‘Star block’ makes you invincible during a short period of time. You have to use it wisely to make big scores.

      Snake Vs Blocks is without discussion a fun game for you to kill some time. If you master the controls well, your snake will become longer and survive further. Your only challenge is to protect your snake on the road and break some bricks on your way. If the number of your snake balls is shorter than the bricks’, you will lose the game. That’s so fun and addictive. I believe that you can spend your whole spare time on playing it. Do you want to have a try? Just click upon the icon of your device’s system operator down here: