Flip Master Game Review

Flip Master



        Jump as high as you can, perform amazing tricks in the air and become the best trampoliner there is. Simple as that! In this game you aspire to become a master of the trampoline with: Frontflips, Backflips, Gainers, Layouts, Jumps and Bounces on your backyard, gym or circus trampolines. With a custom physics engine, Flip Master is the most dynamic and entertaining trampoline experience ever created. You might dare the laws of physics and prove yourself worthy indeed. The super realistic physics, graphics, and cringe worthy accidents makes Flip Master the latest Miniclip’s addictive flipping game released for both iOS and Android devices. 

       Played by using a simple set of swipe and tap based controls which allow you to flip and move a little to your left or right while in the air, Flip Master is a game that should come almost instinctively to someone who has spent the majority of their childhood living on a household size trampoline. A number of different “Special Moves” can be unlocked and performed by tapping on a little tab on the side of your screen, as well as some additional characters to be unlocked. Flip Master is a fun game! The GAME OVERS in this game 100% of the time end with a cringe-worthy accident that will likely send shivers running down your spine in horror. A nice feature is the ability to record your best moves and funniest falls. In this way you can show to the whole world your best dives or biggest fails. To be noticed that this game does not require internet connection and can be played offline. If you’re after a game with superb graphics, top notch gameplay, and a competency in functionality such as characters, upgrades, and more, you likely won’t find a better trampoline simulator anywhere!

     Flip Master has many unlockables, but none is as important as new trampolines. The basic starting one is simply uncomfortable. Newer unlocks will allow you to bounce higher, which would give you extra time to do more of the tricks and spins. Trampolines function much like new areas, with new scenery unlocking when you acquire them. Beyond a higher bounce, new trampolines will also usually have a larger surface area to give you more room to plan and execute your move sets. Just make sure to begin using a new trampoline immediately after you unlock it. This way you can begin to snowball your gains and grind through the game faster.

The key to successfully generate more coins is not to display an impressively flashy trick set, but to maintain the game’s streak meter. It is always better to successfully complete one minor trick and safely land than to flop while attempting a fancier move. Losing your streak meter will reduce the amount of coins you acquire, so you have to make sure you prioritize it. If you wipe out, take your time rebuilding your streak before attempting the more complicated moves again.

There will be lots of things you’d need to purchase while playing. It makes this game more expensive and increases the desire to play it. But still it worth to play the game because it’s addictive and time bursting. Try downloading it by clicking upon one of the below icons: