Sniper 3D Assassin Game Review

Sniper 3D Assassin



         Sniper 3D Assassin is a game which lets you live the life of an assassin who targets criminals. You have to be fast or else the target might escape or even shoot you back. The game consists of different missions and arsenals to use. While the player assumes the role of a sniper in a first-person shooter, in this game you must consequently aim and shoot targets during the various missions. The main struggle of the game is to aim precisely while fulfilling the mission objectives. Perched on rooftops and sometimes at the street, each mission gives the player some clues and a photo of the target. The player then finds this person among the crowd and bursts their head.

        Sniper 3D Assassin is an exclusively amazing sniping game, where you will experience an exceptionally smooth and challenging action deal from the comfort of your smart phone. The players have to simply TILT their device, AIM, and TAP to kill all the bad guys. When playing, there are some tips that should be considered in order to accomplish the mission. Whenever you upgrade your rifle, ensure that you do it by upgrading the recommended areas. In some missions, there are specific requirements put on weapons that will make you upgrade them in order to proceed to the next level. Sometimes the game automatically guides you on what features should be used for your weapon to reach its full potential based on the current mission. Completing missions gives you coins which are used to upgrade guns and even buy new ones. Since most of the items are expensive in Sniper Assassins 3D, you may be forced to earn enough coins for each item on your bucket list. The only skill required to successfully obtain the game is basically making a headshot. In any case you don’t have to feel frustrated, but instead just enjoy the game. Some extra cash is given for headshots but it’s not that much anyway.

         Sniper action is actually a lot of fun! You aim the rifle by tilting the device as this works extremely well and feels very precise. There is a shoot and reload button and reloading takes about four seconds at the outset, so players can’t afford to miss. The game also likes to mix up missions, which keeps the game interesting. The target may be in a crowd of people and difficult to kill cleanly, in a moving car, forcing a well-timed shot or there may even be multiple targets as well as hostage situations. Killing an innocent fails the mission as rifle bullets go right through bodies like paper, so it’s necessary that the player thinks and aims well before taking a shot. In Sniper 3D Assassin the player must complete at least 30 primary missions to progress through various regions such as Tonka Bay, Porter Heights and Jandsburg. Players must also complete Spec OPS missions and there are additional missions you can play through to gain more currency. With which you can then upgrade your guns, or invest in entirely new arsenal to shoot down your targets with. The game armo includes sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and pistols.

         Sniper 3D Assassin is excellent. It feels very realistic as you scope down from a nearby roof and search for your target among the other pedestrians. The blood and gunshot effects are greatly done as well. The sound works well too, from the crack of your rifle to the combustion of the city around. Sniper 3D Assassin is a very well done sniper game. Sniper 3D Assassin is a game that you can comfortably play while relaxing during leisure time. It is quite easy but yet you need to build on the art of making an accurate head shot to become an elite sniper. Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill may not appeal to everyone, but if you are in search of a challenging action/adventure game for your mobile device give Sniper 3D a try by downloading the game at one of the following icons: