Rise Up – Game Review

Rise Up

#1 Adventure

              Rise Up is an incredibly challenging and easy to play app. As difficult and frustrating as Flappy Bird was back in the days, it comes with a huge single challenge: Just keep the balloon or balloons alive for as long as possible; Although this will be almost impossible, for some reason it yet remains a funny and annoyingly addicting game. Rise Up involves ads between games. You can watch an ad to continue your round for once and you can’t turn the ads off. To play the game you need to prevent the objects from touching the balloon. You can’t move the balloon though. You can only move a small circle that can push obstacles out of the way. You place your finger anywhere on the screen and the circle will move up, as you slide your finger around in order to protect it from the displayed obstacles. Sometimes it helps to keep the circle near the top of the screen in order to give plenty of time to move obstacles out of the way, but in more challenging levels you will need to keep it close to your balloon so that you can knock moving obstacles away easier. It’s indeed a simple game, but incredibly challenging as you get farther. The game teases only 1% get more than 1,000 in the game. Literally an endless platformer style of game where you need to protect a balloon as it rises up the sky.

           There surely will be a wide array of obstacles and challenges that you’ll need to protect the balloons from and you’ll have to figure out your own strategy to break the records. Swipe really fast, rub the screen in the proper time and hope you’ll be at the right place on the right time! Basically this is the strategy that would fit the best. Another thing that works really in most cases (but certainly not all) is to do some crazy swiping towards the top of the screen. The top third of your display is your best friend and the place to do all the crazy swiping as it usually gives you an extra fraction of a second to try saving your balloon if something goes wrong. And if not, it keeps everything away. There are no in-app purchases in Rise Up, which is great considering that many games try to convince gamers to spend money for in-game purchases. Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is one of the latest game hits that abuses with this process. Although it would be nice to see an in-app purchase that disables ads for gamers that want to play a lot of games in a row, there are inevitable ads in the game that players will see every few turns. Being a cartoon style game with the only challenge of falling blocks and other geometric objects, Rise Up is reasonably safe fun for kids.

           Rise Up is a unique endless game available for both Android and iOS. Your only tool is a white ball that you can move around to knock off any of the falling objects that could hit your balloon. The one finger control makes it easy to learn and yet remains very difficult to master. Imagine like having to protect a delicate balloon from an increasing number of obstacles and all you have is one finger. You can’t afford to move randomly move your finger and fourth across the screen. You may also hit an obstacle the wrong way and you could end up making it bounce towards your balloon. You must be a bit of strategic in your approach or your run will end sooner than later.  To get a higher scores don’t put your finger on the ball and instead keep your finger away from the ball so you can see every angle where something may be coming at the balloon. Swipe to the side or down even if it’s tempting to throw obstacles up and away, but it is safer to push them to the sides or down and away. What comes up, must come down. Don’t try to knock out all obstacles with the blocker ball. Use one big obstacle to clear out a whole path.

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