Knife Hit – Game Review

Knife Hit

#3 Arcade

       20 years since Snake first came across Nokia phones in 1998, its simple premise and gameplay was almost perfect for every mobile device at that time. Mobile games used to involve very simple ideas delivered in a very simple format and although nowadays smartphones are more powerful and instant, some developers continue to recreate the same kind of simple but very addictive games. Based on this model, the abundant mobile game developer Ketchapp has released one of their most addictive free to play games in a long time. Knife Hit is the ultimate knife challenge and at the same time the incarnation of a ‘just one more’ game. In Knife Hit players throw knives at a rotating circle of wood, attempting to shatter the wood with their supply of knives and thus moving to the next stage. If a knife hits another knife, the game will be over. The only thing you have to do in the game is basically tapping on the screen to send a knife shooting upwards into the spinning target. What makes the game really interesting is that you have to time each throw so it doesn’t bounce off of the objects stuck into the target, including the knives you’ve previously thrown. If just a single knife falls, you lose. Splitting apples happening to be on a wood sphere gives you bonus points that can be used to buy different types of knives. When you fail you’ll instantly want to try again. You can either continue the turn after watching a short ad, or immediately if you pay through an in-app purchase. As you progress through missions, some wood logs will come with pre-stuck knives, while some other will change speed or reverse. Every 5 levels you’ll come up against a randomly chosen boss. After defeating each boss you’ll be able to unlock special knives.

        For an arcade game that has a very basic gameplay, this app has surely some serious addictive qualities. Knife Hit’s gameplay is plainly based around your reflexes to shatter wooden targets. It’s a perfect game to kill a few minutes even that there are quite a few ads that pop up. If it grabs you, it’s hard to resist the push to pay for the upgrade that bypasses its advertising, because having to watch commercials to get back into the game becomes stressful after all. Players will be forced to watch 15-30 seconds commercials of other apps, or they can pay to upgrade and avoids ads. Probably not many would invest 2.99£ to remove the ads though. Bottom line, Knife Hit is a most rightly top trending app at this point and time. It’s a positive mobile gaming experience for everyone, offered for both iOS and Android devices for free. Sometimes a few minutes of mindless tapping are just what you might need.

Start throwing your first knives by downloading the game here: