Love Balls Game Review

Love Balls



        Love Balls is an extremely cute game that’s smashing the mobile gaming charts since the very first days of its release. Suitable for all ages, free to play anywhere and anytime, with simple rules and a little difficulty in clearing the levels you’ll instantly find the addiction with this app. In Love Balls, you have to draw a line on the screen in order to help the two balls meet together. These balls are in love (as the name itself suggests) and they need your help to overcome the obstacles that prevent them to be together. You’ll have to bypass the valleys, spikes, and other environmental hazards in way to reunite the two spheres. To achieve this, you must use your finger or a stylus to draw a line on the screen. That line has to send one or both balls moving towards each other, giving them a pathway to encounter each other, or maybe you’ll just have to prevent them from falling off the screen after you send them on their way. This is the main purpose of the game: drawing lines in order to solve puzzles. However, you only have a limited amount of “ink” for drawing the lines while various shapes function differently. This is what makes this game so challenging and nice at the same time.

             Set in a 2D world that looks like a notepad, your mission in this game will be to help the two colored balls meet up with one another using nothing but a pen and the power of simple 2D physics. Played by drawing on the screen of your device in order to build bridges, create buckets, and propel your balls in the needed direction, means that the levels you are faced with, are basically up to you and your imagination. Also, the less ink you use the better. At the top of your screen, you’ll find a bar which indicates just how much ink you have used, and how much you are permitted to use while still ending the level with 3 stars. Some levels will seem impossible to complete with 3 stars, especially considering just how little ink you are permitted to use. Sure you can’t wait to get three star ratings in all levels and help the two balls get together. But that is where your imagination and creativity come into play.

       While the game can get really clever, as well as really difficult to be figured out, it can be equally annoying if you don’t purchase the ad-free neither. Otherwise you’ll have to deal with the constant banner ads along the bottom of the screen and the full-screen ads that pop up randomly after you complete a level. It really does get annoying after a while. But if you can deal with it, or if you are willing to upgrade for the ad-free version, you’ll find Love Balls to be a smart puzzle game that isn’t as childish as its name suggests.        
      With a total of 240 levels for you to puzzle your way through and a few different skins for you to unlock, Love Balls has pretty much everything you could ever wanted from a simple 2D puzzle game. Love Balls is another fun puzzle game for iOS and Android that we recommend for you to check out. You’ll surely love this game once you get how it works.

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