Rise Up Review

If you’ve been checking the top charts on Appstore, chances are you’ve seen a new app ranking #1. Rise Up is the latest game developed by Serkan Ozyilmaz who apparently has solely developed this game so far (good job on your first game and breaking already the Internet). I quickly downloaded the game after a staggering 140,000 ratings (as of writing this article) and wanted to see whats all this hype about.

Rise Up Game Play

The main objective behind the game is to protect your balloon so it rises up. Different types of objects will try to pop your balloon. You can swipe your ball upwards in order to push the objects harder. It took me 5 tries to reach Level 3 and my high-score is 486.

My Personal Highscore

Final Words

To be honest there isn’t anything special at all about this game. The graphics are very simple and there isn’t much interaction within the game. Not sure how this game managed to gain that popularity in such a short period of time but I guess it will die out quickly (unless the developer updates it with more interesting graphics and various modes)