Sky Rusher Game Review

     In the year 2016, the total of apps and game installs exceeded 90 billions. In 2017 this number grew 20% quarter by quarter so this means it will exceed the 110 billions. The total number of hours spent by users was around 900 billion hours in 2016, with probably 1 trillion hours spent on 2017. Giving that 90% of that time is spent completely for games. So in retrospect, 1 trillion hours spent on apps and games seems something to be overlooked. Casual gaming is on the rise and nothing helps pass boring time faster than a good pick-up and-play game. One of the leaders in this category are surely the developers behind Voodoo. They continuously succeed in creating simple and accessible games.

     Welcome aboard to your spaceship! Sky Rusher is another hit by Voodoo. In this game you must avoid obstacles and go as far as you can in a highspeed, Star Trek look-alike tunnel. This game is really funny while it takes you to a whole advanced level of endless space flying simulator experience. It provides a flexible and smooth space flight flying experience that you may’ve never enjoyed before! Sky Rusher is an excellent racing game. Its mind-blowing creativity and endless flight have transformed this app into a great crazy speed game for all ages. The extreme racer game enhances your racer skills and agility while spending many hours of pleasurable gaming.

       When you begin a level, you’ll promptly notice the meters left to fly in order to pass the level. Don’t focus on them, though. Focus on the path ahead, so that you can stay prepared for every obstacle that comes your way. Keep your eye on the next obstacle and position your ship so that you can fly through it. Your run will end immediately in case you crash your ship. However, there are certain hits that you can take that won’t kill your run, so be ready to recover and pass the next obstacle. If you hit the side of your ship, you’ll bounce off, so be prepared to recover and aim for the open spot in the next obstacle.

     As you race through levels, you can collect gems. These gems can be used to purchase new ships, so you’ll have to aim for them as often as possible. However, if the path through the obstacle that contains the gems is the tough path, sometimes it’s better to aim for an easier path, so that you can pass the level first. Once you pass a stage, you’ll earn bonus gems as well. Take those gems and then go to the ship store to check what you can afford with them. Some ships cost more than others while all of them have the same performance. The main difference will be the size of the ships. The smaller the ship that you fly with, the more of a margin of error you’ll have when it comes to passing through obstacles. Once you die in a level, you will get the chance to watch a video in order to recover, as long as you’ll have an internet connection. You’ll only get one chance, so watch the video to start back over again, although if you didn’t make it too far into your run, it’s a bit useless to watch a video. Instead, restart and do a new run.

     Sky Rusher is an amazing space racer 3D game. This game is fun and addicting, but honestly there are too many adds and it can become quite annoying as they show up that often. Bottom line, the game is reasonably entertaining. The lack of internet connection needed and being a free to play game fits every player’s demands. The controls of the spaceship are pretty smooth and the most satisfying fact is that the game never ends. Just level up and continue further.

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