Weave the Line – Game Review

Weave the Line

#2 Board


         Weave the Line is a unique, entertaining puzzle game by Lion Studio. The player has to weave the pattern to the provided diagram with new lines. Drag any line to a point, and divide it into two new lines. The new lines can also be divided. Over and over again a few lines can weave countless amazing patterns. The game features three modes: classic, mirror, and 2 colors. The ‘Classic’ mode is based on a substantial and simple gameplay, as you only have to match the two figures together. In ‘Mirror’ mode, each line displays a ‘mirror’ line, which implies that each move will automatically affect also the other mirrored line. In ‘2 Colors’ two different types of lines and colors need to be adjusted. The ‘2 Colors’ gamemode is supposedly the tougher version of the game. In this game you just need to observe and try matching the lines together. It will certainly enjoy you much playing. Some patterns will look simple but intriguing, others will seem complicated but regular. You’ll train your reflexes while matching the given figurations and your moves will perfect after each succeeding level. With a total of 265 challenging levels the player will always have a reason to come back and spend some time. The app offers a linear gameplay which confronts the player with a fixed sequence of challenges. Every player faces the same challenges and has to overcome them only in the specific given order.

         The previous versions of the game had issues such as not coulding to listen to music at the same time when playing. A new just released version (9 May/18) has permanently solved the problem about stopping music when the app launches. Given that, you can play ‘Weave the Line’ during your commute to work by train, bus etc. while also hearing your favorite music on your headphones. The most boring and unsatisfying part of this game are the too many ads included. It’s a really inevitable stumble as they show up (ads) too often as if they’re constantly demanding you to pay the 2.99 $ that would take the ads away. You’ll really like it playing but not surely you’d pay the amount to remove the ads. Nevertheless, Weave the Line worth taking more than a try. Don’t hesitate playing and you’ll be pretty much amused while framing the necessary angles within.

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