Madden NFL Football 18 Game Review


Madden NFL Football 18



        Madden NFL Football 18  has always been a great game of football. The 18 edition is described by many as the best looking Madden ever. While this has been the challenge for some time, the real test for EA Sports is how to effectively build on a franchise within a year, in order to make it feel brand new. Although it’s a normal thing not to expect a full revision of the game every 12 months, Madden NFL 18 it’s a distinguished hit . The most remarkable change, which any fan will immediately notice, is how much better the game looks this year. The longshot mode is awesome, the graphics are perfectly acceptable and the animations are pretty decent. The new features include competitive tournaments, player leveling, enhanced visuals, and a first-ever story mode (though not available on mobile playing). What makes this edition so great is the profound number of play modes available. Players can chose to progress through the regular season of their team, challenge friends via social media, or take on randomly-selected rivals. In the case of games against real-life players, the action takes place non-synchronously with the player playing the offensive possessions and defining a specific defensive strategy to be used against the opponent. There are also many special live event challenges that refresh throughout the day. 

           In case you’ve never played one of the games in the previous series, it’s a pro football simulation where you play as or against your favorite teams. You can challenge the game’s artificial intelligence, a friend from your social accounts, or you can even play online against other random players. You’ll select teams with real NFL rosters, create and run plays, as well as arrange playbooks.
Madden NFL 18 plays out like a televised NFL game, complete with broadcast-style cameras, play-by-play commentary, authentically recreated stadiums with massive crowds and weather effects. This year’s installment adds new offensive and defensive options, along with enhanced special-teams play, new production values, and several improved features. Tom Brady takes you through his favorite drills and provides tips on building an unstoppable team. The player can compete in Tournaments, win the Super Bowl, stay up to date with the real NFL, and play through the careers of current football icons. The player chooses his/ her NFL franchise and takes over as the General Manager. After assembling the squad you can later level them up through upgrades (training players) and new skills unlocking. The goal remains the same: Build the best team and lead the leaderboards!

         At Madden NFL Football 18 you can recreate big plays, you can jump into real-world matchups, as well as you can follow the latest rivalries in real time. The best bit of advice we can give you is that you purchase players who are rated in the 80 range. By training these types of player, you can really make them monsters on the field. You can use Elites to train them and you will be amazed in the way how you can take a good player and make them great. Training players is something huge in Madden 18 and those who train their players best will have the best teams, rather than those who just try to buy all the best players. Madden 18 Mobile has a leveling system likewise many other mobile card based games. Meaning that at first levels you will just fly by, but then when you start to get into the 80’s and 90’s (overall of your team), you’ll really have to grind and have patience as it can be very time consuming. You’re constantly going to be beaten by those with elite upgrades, so you have to improve your team rapidly and efficiently. In this game you have to play as many rounds as possible. The rewards will come with progressive ascending bonuses. Each day gives you some daily goals that you need to fulfill in order to earn in-game currency, players to improve roaster or to train and upgrade your current ones, XP points as well as a modest amount of Madden Cash (30) that can be used to buy different packs from the online store inside the app.

      Madden NFL Football 18 offers a wide variety of games. You can choose among the ‘Live Events’ which are continuously replaced, ‘Tournaments‘ available every once in a while, ‘Head to Head’ versus your friends or other random players, ‘Leagues‘ against members of your league or against other League members and the game developers even  occasionally toss customized live events with much bigger rewards every once in a while. Don’t miss the chance to try them all. If you like football analogies or you are an all-time sports enthusiast, Madden 18 is undoubtedly the best football game in years. You don’t even need to understand american football at all, the game’s tutorials will definitely help you understanding what to do and when to do it. Give it a try and you won’t regret it! 

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