Donuts Drift Gameplay and Walkthrough

#138 in Racing

       When it comes to simple touch-and-play addictive games you can’t avoid Voodoo, as one of the leading developers of the app gaming industry. The creators of many hits, such as Sky Rusher, Baseball Boy, Dune, Snake VS Block, and many more, now presents Donuts Drift, a simplistic game about drifting around gray dots, collecting money, trying not to crash and passing the track level on time. Set on a stage made of gray and white silhouettes, your mission in this game is to drift around as many gray dots as possible in order to receive fuel, collect coins, and beat your previous high score. The game is played by simply tapping on the left and right sides of the screen in order to slide your car to the left and right. Donuts Drift is all about drifting while not crashing. Unlike other racing games that get you destructed for crashing an obstacle, in Donuts Drift the obstacles will simply slow down your car. You won’t explode or instantly die, all you’ll do is suffer the consequences of losing speed and time.

       Drifting has never been so easy, while using just one finger on the control panel. You can become one of the best virtual drifters without even stepping into a real car. With just the left and right buttons the player can steer the wheel and handle the vehicle around the round obstacles in order to create a full circle. The game may look simple with only 2 buttons to maneuver, but the frustration is present and the gameplay indeed requires a lot of patience. Do the drifts again, and again and again… Collect all the displayed coins to earn extra fuel, upgrade your cars, pick up the boosts and drive as far as you can in order to set a decent personal record.

      With its clean graphics, simple controls, and a fairly simple user interface, Donuts Drift stands out as a very attractive simple game for both iOS and Android platforms that we’d highly recommend to the players who want a fun game and can play here and there while on the go. However, the worst thing of most games by Voodoo is that they have few too many Ads and Donuts Drift is not saved from this as well. But ultimately, Donuts Drift remains a simple, funny, and enjoyable game to kill the free time of the day. Drifting is the art of maintaining stability in an unstable state. Enjoy a virtual experience of drifting absolutely for free. It’s really awesome and the only thing you’ll be thinking of will be to make a better round. If you get stuck in the game check out the following video walkthroughs and gameplay for the game.

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